Computer Virus–and First Day of Real Obedience Training

First, I hate people who create computer viruses. I know, we shouldn’t hate, but I HATE people who do that. I wish there was a magical thing that we could erect on our computers that if someone created a virus, for every computer they infected, the person who created it and sent it out to the world would end up with a human virus. So that means that they would  have millions of viruses wracking their body. Yep, If I could create such a weapon, I’d do it. They would be in the bathroom for days and weeks and months, depending on how widespread their computer virus was.

Now I feel better while I’m on my laptop, that is great for trips, but a pain to use at home because I don’t have a great way to sit and write on it, and I don’t know half my passwords, so when I go to create my blog for blogger for a multi-author blog I’m on, I don’t know what the  password is, etc, etc, etc. And I don’t want to create a new one, forget, and then have the same problem on my main PC.

Second, Max and I have been working with THE collar. We had a full day–on and off–every time we had to go outside to potty. And in the house on some commands.

The trainer told me that we don’t say ZAP the dog, but “touch.” Bull. You zap the dog. Lightly, if he doesn’t pay any attention to you and keeps pulling. A little higher setting to get his attention, etc. If he’s listening, I lower the setting. So when he’s moving with me and he’ll look up to see that I’m still beside him and he’s doing the right thing, the setting is going down. I’ll start it out low this morning, and when he doesn’t listen, I’ll increase the setting until he finally responds. What’s neat about this program is that their dogs are off leash and just stay with the trainers. They don’t run off and that’s one of the things you should be able to train them. It might take a while, but I think Max will get it sooner than later.

As for going for his dog poop, I was prepared. I still had it on the lower button setting, but at the highest number because he’s so quick that I had to react quickly and with enough of an emphasis to tell him no. He went for it. I zapped him, pulled him away, not hard, just enough to get him out of reach, but he was already moving away from it. So we’ll have to keep after it until he realizes I mean no on that nasty habit.

So he pulled, like he usually does. Balked about sitting, which he’s always been good about, but he doesn’t like the zapper, I mean, collar, to tell him to do it. But after the last time of going out last night, he was really good about following my lead. He tends to rush for the door to get inside, so we were practicing stopping, then starting so he knew that I was the one in charge of when he goes in.

Inside, he sat for me a few times with just the command and the collar. They said to use the collar always, even for commands he knows. Outside, I had to gently force his bottom down, which I’ve never had to do. *sigh* I’m sure it’s because outside there is a high level of distraction.

So we had to practice Come, as in walking the dog and getting it to follow my lead and stay on one side of me always. That’s fun. NOT. Because I also have to have Tanner on the leash. So I’m trying to get them both to stay on my right side and not criss-cross in front of me or get behind me.

Max is very white and has some silver and black

Max is very white and has some silver and black

We had to do: Sit, by command and collar. We had to practice Place. That’s where you have something slightly elevated off the floor and the dog gets up on it.  We practiced it on the individual lesson on top of a metal briefcase since the trainer forgot his cot. It was slippery and Max didn’t care for it, but I stood next to him and every time he’d climb down, I’d guide him back up with his leash, the command, and a collar….nudge.

I’m going to get a cot, because it will be more convenient at the dog training. But at home, I think I’ll do a variety of things so he gets used to if I don’t have a cot with me, and use anything, if I tell him that’s the Place, he’ll have the message down pat.

So at home, I brought out the Christmas wrapper box that is under a bed. I knew it would be slippery too, so I put the Christmas rug on it that has a skid free bottom, and perfect.

Place was not happening. Soooo, I tried place and then a treat. Now, I’m training Max, right? Tanner got what I wanted immediately, and jumped on top of the box and then Max. They were so cute. Both waiting for their treats.

Place, dash for the box, get on top, Sit, wait for treats. Then I did it a few times with no treats, and Come, so they’d come to me, Sit, and Place again.

For me, their kibble is as much a treat as a treat. So rather than feed them tons of treats, I can feed them their tiny piece of kibbles.

But it is funny when I see them both training and Tanner getting it first. I’ll do collar training with him later when Max has this all figured out. 🙂

As to my computer virus, hopefully Best Buy will have it fixed by Sunday.  I was REALLY hoping they’d have it fixed today since he said it would be easy to do.

Okay, off to work on edits. I’m so behind because I really can’t write on my laptop all day. I just don’t have a good set up for it at all.

Have a super Saturday!! 🙂


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6 thoughts on “Computer Virus–and First Day of Real Obedience Training

  1. I was wondering why I got an email from you that said computer virus. I opened it on my iPhone but didn’t click the link. So I think I’m safe.
    Wow, you’re making great progress with the pups. I need a zapper collar for my little one. She takes off out the door and don’t look back. I have to be very careful.

  2. Yeah, sorry. It’s not a transferable virus. You would have to click on the link: Pro Cleaner or Cleaner Pro. It’s so annoying. It’s really hard for me to work on my laptop.Tanner laid down to sleep and then Max picked up his leash like he wanted to go out. So I took them out, and now they’re wanting to eat. I don’t feed them until about 10 or so. Now Max is lying down and Tanner is awake. Usually we have bathroom breaks and they play, then bathroom breaks, then sleep in between so I can get some writing done. But this is new with me sitting on the couch to type.

    But yeah, that would work with your dog. My daughter’s corgi is like that. He’s learning, but he’s gotten out a couple of times and he tears off. Max actually waits for me to say we can go out at the door. That’s before the training, which was a real surprise to me. I expected him to act like Rilo. It might be because Max has always been on a leash when I take him out. He got away from me one time because the girl across the fields was home for a visit and was running around the yard. Max went to barking and yanked free to run after her. I yelled at him to stay and he did before he ran into the fields. So I was shocked. I figured he’d be over there, and I’d be killing myself to reach him. The fields are so plowed up that I’d probably twist an ankle or two. Anyway, if I’d had the collar, I could have used it to make him come back. They have a high setting which is called 9-1-1, to really get their attention if they’re doing something that could get them into danger. Also, the collar will work up to a 1/4 mile away, they say.

  3. I’m all for computer virus karma. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to reset my computer because of some stupid idiot and his (or her) need to send some virus out in the universe. Why don’t they use their ability to make the computers do something good. Like organize all the useless things we save, cause it was cute.

    Max looks adorable. You have tons more patience than I with the training. Good luck. 🐰🐺

    • Yeah, it’s a total pain. My screen is black. I can enter in safe mode, but couldn’t do anything. So frustrating. And Best Buy is frustrating because they said it wouldn’t take long to fix, but I turned it in when they opened at 10 am yesterday, and they haven’t even assigned someone to work on it yet. So annoying.

      As to the puppies, thanks!! We had a good night last night. They slept through the night, first time in 3 nights that they got me up at 1:30. But training is going really well. Max was good about staying with me for the most part when we walked back and forth and around and I walked backwards, and went to other areas, which means new smells and he was off and running, until I used the collar. He was paying attention to me, which before, he wasn’t. Nose to the ground, I wasn’t even there. So it seems to be working. 🙂 <3 When it warms up a bit, I'm going to take the box out and set it up outside with the outdoor distractions and see if it will work. I have to do that for the training I go back to. 🙂

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