Raindrops in a Downpour

Perfect raindrop off birdfeeder (640x599)You can see the rain heading toward the ground, but on top of the feeder, the rain hit the plastic and created its own special chorus. But I loved the raindrop dripping off the feeder best of all.

Pouring rain 111 (640x427)Rain off my neighbor’s house. He mentioned my rain gutters and how they have this rolling off their roof during storms and that’s exactly why I had the rain gutters put on the house as a condition of buying it. I had to put them on my old house, and my daughter has this problem too. I would have to go out with my puppies when I stayed with her and to get out into the grass, you and the dogs would get soaked.

Pouring rain 121Rainwater and droplets rushing of the roof into the gutters and down the spout. Someone mentioned capturing the water into a rain bucket to be used on plants in dry spells. Great idea, except that anything that collects water also creates mosquitoes here. So it’s not a good idea to have standing water.

But I do empty my cooled boiling water that I’ve cooked with on the plants. And boiling water on fire ant hills. So at least some of the water doesn’t go to waste. 🙂

Have a beautiful day!!


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2 thoughts on “Raindrops in a Downpour

    • Me too. It feels as though it cleans the air. 🙂 When I was watching out my window and saw the raindrops hitting the top of the feeder and jumping in all directions, I just had to capture it. 🙂

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