Love the Water

When we lived in Amarillo, Texas, it was too far from the water. We used to see the ocean and lakes in California, the ocean and lakes in Florida, the ocean in New Jersey and Maryland, and it made me realize how much I love being near water.

Even the development we live in has ponds, and there’s a lake nearby–we have actually walked there before, which is where I took the pictures of the herons and dragonflies. When we lived in Florida, it was flat, flat, flat. We missed the mountains.

Do you ever live somewhere that doesn’t feel like home because of the terrain features? Or the fall, or winter, or summers?

I’m off to work on proofing Billionaire She-Wolf. Hope to have it done by tomorrow and turn it in and get back to word count on Red Wolf. But, I’m babysitting my granddaughter on Saturday too. How did that happen? Anniversary? I thought my daughter and SIL just celebrated an anniversary. lol Are they sneaking another one in on me???

We have fog this morning. And as long as I’m not driving in it, I love it! Hope you have a wonderful day!


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4 thoughts on “Love the Water

  1. You should have gotten some of that “ocean front property” Surely there must be some for sale near Amarillo? The Houston area seems flat to me?

    • lol, probably, but I sure wouldn’t want to get stuck with it. lol Houston is. Yup. But I think the forests around here and the water helps to make me forget there are no mountains. 🙂

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