Beach Bums of South Padre Island

Sand Crab during the day
Sand Crab at night
Carolina Anole Dressed in White

And then there was the dangerous wildlife we had to avoid, blue and purple flags warning everyone, and red flags were flying for strong currents.

Portuguese Man-of-War

The girl under the umbrella next to us fished out 2 more while she’d been in the water. I picked one up when I was a young girl vacationing with my parents in Florida, thought it was a purple balloon, went into shock, hands swelled up 3 times their normal size, ran a fever and chills and of course, it hurt lots!

We had a blast at South Padre Island! It was cooler than home, which is getting to 106 heat index daily!

Off to work. I’ve been pulling out tomato plants that flower and never fruit. The other tomato plants next to them need the water.

Have a lovely day!


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