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Hold the Presses!!!!


I was under the mistaken impression I had some free time. You know what they say, never put off tomorrow….blah, blah, blah, so I didn’t. It was either work some more on Hawk Fae or start listening to In the Dead of the Night to the audio files for proofing or get back to work on Jaguar Pride.

OR, I could take my break this afternoon and go grocery shopping, run the rest of my errands, and THEN go to see the Hunger Games.

Well, I figured I probably needed a break as I wrote 11,000 words one day on Hawk Fae, 7,000 the next, then 3,000 the last two days at night after working for 2 days on edits on Hero of a Highland Wolf.

Yeah, yeah, so you’re waiting for the story behind the picture and I’m really getting to it. That’s why I’m a writer. I like to write.

I chose #1–spend the afternoon getting my chores done, then watch a movie, figure I’d get home and catch up emails, and GUESS WHAT I found in my email. Hero of a Highland Wolf was received. Good. And then in the next email????? JAGUAR HUNT copyedits.

Who said ANYTHING about more book edits???? LOL

Okay, so that’s fine. These are the very final edits and they’re usually just for making sure there are no last minute mistakes. *sigh*

So the dragon fae in Hawk Fae will have to deal with all their trouble on their own for a little while longer. The jaguar shifters in Jaguar Pride are hardcore, so they can handle me being gone for some more time, and In the Dead of the Night? I’m sure the agents can figure out something to do with themselves in the dead of the night until I can get back to them.

Because I’m back in the jungle with more jaguar shifters!

See why it’s so important not to put things off???? Ever??? Unless you turn off your email.

Happy New Year’s Eve! I’m going to be partying in the jungle with a bunch of hot cats.

What about you?

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

The Neverending Goals

herohighlandwolf-300 (487x800)

Since Grant MacQuarrie is due back to my editor on January 2, that is my first New Year’s goal of the new year.  But I just finished it! So I’m back to working on

And Jaguar Pride, and I just got the audiobook version to proof for In the Dead of the Night, sooooo…. more goals! 🙂



In the Dead of the Night





Allan Thompson works for a special agency that takes down terrorists, but when he’s given the mission to protect one of Thurstan Wilson’s mistresses, he knows something isn’t right. Jenny Brant doesn’t have much time before she’s history and she has a plan, but what happens next turns her whole world inside out.


Allan Thompson arrives in Waco, Texas for a mission of utmost importance–protect a terrorist’s mistress from being the next victim on his hit list. But when the mission goes down wrong, Jenny Brant is nearly killed and Allan begins a new mission–protect her at all costs–as her faux husband until she can regain her memories.Everything about the mission seems wrong–all starting with one Jenny Brant who doesn’t fit the profile of the kind of woman Wilson usually hooks up with. Allan and his team must protect her, but at what cost to his own sanity or his heart?

Jenny Brant begins to regain her memories, but when she learns she has a huge inheritance that Wilson wants by marrying her, and the agent Allan Thompson will marry her instead to secret her money away with the Agency’s protection, she still can’t remember why she would have been a killer’s main squeeze. When Wilson’s thugs try to return her to him, she becomes less sure of who the good guys are and who she truly is.

The only thing she knows for certain–if someone doesn’t take down Wilson, her life is forfeit.








ARe Books



But I’m going to take a break tomorrow and see a movie: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.



Any plans for New Year Eve?



“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

Christmas and the Grand Puppy…

Photo: Sir Rilo checking out his presents under the tree. :) ( Pembroke Welsh Corgi 10 month old puppy with BIG EARS.) :)

My daughter and SIL’s 10 month old Pembroke Welsh Corgi puppy found his treats under the tree, but he’s being good and only looking, not touching.

Here my daughter is playing High 5 with him! He loves to perform.

Photo: My daughter and Rilo giving High 5's!  :)

Dressed up for a bowtie affair. 🙂

I’m puppy sitting today, so hope to get some writing done. Or… not. 🙂

Have a super Sunday!


Narrow, Curving Castle Stairs

Narrow curving castle stairs (596x800)

Sometimes they led to nowhere at all. But did they really? Of course they led to somewhere. But now that somewhere is gone.  Do you ever imagine what it would have been like day in, day out, climbing these very narrow stairs? Can you imagine trying to pass someone on them?  It’s hard to do. We would have to back up and let someone else come up the stairs. Why were they so narrow?

You can imagine it would be a lot more difficult for an attacker to get to the defender with so little room to move. And two couldn’t come up at once, shoulder to shoulder. One would have to follow the other and couldn’t fight until the guy ahead of him was out of his way.

Note also the curve to the stairs so that the defender coming down could swing his sword and the attacker, if he was right-handed, could not. I wonder if anyone thought about that in teaching their sons swordsmanship–to fight with both hands, to swing as well with the left as the right?

Off to work some more on Jaguar Pride, which has nothing to do with castles and Scotland, but…

Photo: Highland Santas and wolves, what could be better?

Have a super TGIF!


Highlanders are Hot!

If they’re my Highland wolves, you never know how they’ll show up to a party! But also for my Highland Medieval Hunks, I made #1 best seller for historical romance on Amazon and that was my shining star for 2013!

Most Popular Books in Historical Romances
Terry Spear

Taming the Wild Highlander (The Hig...Taming the Wild Highlander (The Hig.

Product Details

A Secret Entrance

A Secret Entrance (800x600)

Cut through the rock, a stair entry was made to the castle, but it’s dangerous, high cliffs drop to the North Sea and so a fence was erected to keep people safe. But what do you see? Some have to see what’s hidden beyond, so they’ve bent the prongs down so they can climb over the top and walk the path that Highlanders walked a thousand years ago.

I wanted to see what they saw. Though I’m certain it wouldn’t have been much more than what I viewed from the places I accessed freely. But still, there’s something about a secret passage, forbidden that begs the visitor to want to explore. What makes this so off-limits? That’s some of the draw. Keep out! Off-limits! No trespassing.

But there’s something more to it than that here. A glimpse of something beyond that beckons the viewer to walk this path and learn where it leads to and why we can’t go there. And a question: Did the person or persons who bent the wires make it inside? Was vandalizing the fence worth it?

So I will continue to enjoy the secret just beyond, and be glad I was able to see the beauty of Dunnottar Castle on the North Sea through the entrances which were open to the public. I actually used this castle to describe one in A Highland Werewolf Wedding.

Dunnottar Castle entrance through narrow tunnel

Photography by Terry Spear

New Sweater Teddy Bears for Fun!

 Perfect 10 Bear


 Ivory Sweater Bear


 Best Friends Purple Sweater Bear

 Happy Birthday Blue Sweater Bear


 Pink Hearts Sweater Bear


Yellow Sweater Bear


All of the 10 1/2″ fully jointed light brown plus bears are each $36 & $7 for shipping.

A name can be embroidered on a paw and birth date or flowers on the other paw for free.

Bears have their own fur and don’t need sweaters, so you say. But every best dressed bear can use a special sweater sometimes! 🙂


Birds at the Ashton, Nebraska’s Wildlife Safari Park

My Facebook friends helped me to identify these sandhill cranes.

And of course, I had to get the tail feathers of one–though a great shot, it’s typical that I get the backside of one or several animals on a visit to an animal/zoo type park.

Turkey hens, and this was at Thanksgiving, so I’m sure they don’t realize it, but they’re really fortunate to be living here.

I got this from UPS yesterday and I’d never seen one before, so it sort of tickled me. No telling what will. Must be doing too much writing!


And these are some fun reviews for A SEAL Wolf Christmas!!!

Rating: 5 Crowns—A Royal Read*

I absolutely loved A SEAL WOLF Christmas. Definitely one of my top ten books of 2013.

Bjornolf Jorgenson has been ghosting Hunter’s SEAL wolf team to make sure the team stays safe while on missions, but he has also been doing so to keep an eye on the Anna Johnson, the sexy little gray wolf who has captured his attention.
Growing close on their last mission, the two now find themselves playing the part of a married couple while trying to solve a murder investigation and raising a teen wolf who wants to run away.

I adore Terry Spear’s novels and A SEAL Wolf Christmas is no exception.

Chocked full of action, adventure, mystery, chemistry, romance, heat, and witty characters A SEAL Wolf Christmas is one of those books that should come warning label stating that it has the potential to explode in your hands.

The chemistry between Anna and Bjornolf was brilliant—I could not get enough of them. They were one of those couples you want to see succeed in their relationship. What made it more interesting was the fact that Anna is covering up a secret from her past, which is also the reason she hates Christmas.

I was unable to put this book and read it in one sitting, so it’s highly addictive and thoroughly engaging.

*What is a Royal Read:

Royal Reads are our desert-island, bury-me-with-this-book, don’t-sleep-until-its-finished, all-time-favourite reads.

Royal Reviews: A SEAL Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear
Navy SEAL Bjornolf Jorgenson has had tough missions before, but going undercover with feisty gray wolf Anna Johnson could top the list. She drives him crazy—in more ways than one. Now he has to

Terry Spear created an incredible world in her Heart of the Jaguar series recently, but little did I know that she had already set us up with a 12 book (so far) series all about some very awesome wolves.

It’s so hard to find an author that can write – and write well – about multiple species of shifters. Most are really good with one specifically — such as wolves, pumas, leopards etc — but lack the ability to give much insight to each ‘species’. Luckily this is not a problem for Spear. She really seems to have done her research. She knows the differences between red and grey wolves and masterfully inserts those differences into her writing. The characters exhibit qualities you would expect to find in wolves – whether in human or animal form. They react as the actual animal would most likely react (having never studied wolves, I can’t say this with certainty, but Spear is quite convincing). She builds the packs around intense characters and brings their animal traits into their human forms and vice versa. These characters are complex yet simple while still being relatable.

Once again I have found myself reading a book that wasn’t the first in the series, but Spear seems to be able to accomplish stand-alone-esque novels that still intertwine with the series as a whole. Although A Seal Wolf Christmas is the 12th in the series, the only time I felt like I should have read the other stories was when I finished and wanted to know more about certain escapades her characters referenced.

Navy SEAL Bjornolf Jorgenson had my attention from the first page. There’s just something about a man who is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the people he cares about safe that triggers some internal swoon in me. Add in several other alpha males, a strong woman who doesn’t take crap and a little mystery and intrigue and I’m not putting that story down.

Anna is one of those women you wish every author would write. She’s in no way a helpless female. I truly believe that’s why I was so drawn in by this story. Yes, many authors write strong women, but those strong women also tend to need saving – a lot. Anna is the kind of woman that is perfectly capable of saving herself.

To see these two very strong alpha personalities come together in a situation neither is comfortable with just adds to the chemistry brewing in the tale. Throw in a few curveballs along the way to make sure they don’t get too comfortable and you have one drag you in, hold you hostage story.

I’m not sure with what Spear has impressed me more – her ability to write complex animal characters, her ability to get someone like me to become engrossed in a series without starting at the beginning or just her overly compelling stories that leave you wanting more at the end.

Review: A Seal Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear

I’m always surprised at how authors can keep coming up with fresh plot ideas and characters after numerous books in a series. This is Book 12 in Terry Spear’s werewolf series, and I’m still having as much fun with them as I did when I first began reading about them.

Bjornolf Jorgenson – yeah, say that ten times really fast! – is a lone wolf, a Navy SEAL who ghosts missions to make sure teams get in and out safe. He’s had a thing for Anna Johnson for some time, and when ghosting her current mission, Bjornolf breaks his own rule and lets her team know he’s there by helping out when he thinks Anna might be in jeopardy.

Rescuing a kidnapped family in the Amazon, Anna and her team have to be hyper vigilant when they begin to suspect everything is not as it seems in the jungle. They’re glad for Bjornolf’s assistance, and that leads to another mission where Anna and he will pose at newlyweds to investigate the murder of two wolves on a Christmas tree farm and also take care of the teen who discovered the crime.

It’s Bjornolf who wants more with Anna, so he jumps at the chance to work closely with her, despite her hesitancy. He needs to know what’s in her past that forces her to shut down, to shun the holiday season, especially after he opens up to her about his most traumatic moment of his younger days. When she refuses to let him in, he decides to take matters into his own hands, knowing it might hurt more than help.

However, as they grow closer living together during their mission, Anna begins to blossom with the festive feelings of Christmas and the loving attention of Bjornolf, as well as the timid and eager trust of a young teen who needs family so much. When she’s unexpectedly torn away from them by the hands of danger, Anna isn’t about to let this villain take everything away from her. Knowing Bjornolf will do everything in his power to find her, her training kicks in, only for them all to find out that more danger is still at their door.


seal wolfTerry Spear brings paranormal fans a holiday story in the latest of her werewolf series,  A Seal Wolf Christmas. Navy SEAL Bjornolf is undercover as a newlywed with agent and wolf Anna, who drives him crazy. It doesn’t make anything easier that they have to pose as the aunt and uncle to an unruly teenage wolf. They travel from the Amazon to a Christmas tree farm in Oregon for answers in this funny and romantic adventure.Ho ho ho!! Nothing is better than a romance – except a romance set at Christmas Time! Join Amy Alessio as she tells us about her favorite holiday romances.

And now it’s time to get back to the work at hand–Jaguar Pride! 🙂

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

Silence of the Wolf, Final Approved Cover

Photo: Hungry for the wolf??? Here is the final approved cover for Silence of the Wolf, due out in March, and working on reaching 5,000 words on Jaguar Pride. 75,000 to go! LOL :)

Silence of the Wolf is Tom Silver’s story of the Silver wolf pack in Silver Town, Colorado where the wolves run the town. It’s due out in March!

This is a picture I took at the wildlife park in Ashton, Nebraska, of their alpha female wolf at Thanksgiving time. 🙂

female wolf close up

I’m mentioning wolves, but I’m working on Jaguar Pride right now! 8,000 done, 72,000 to go! 🙂  Okay, so here’s the jaguar in a cat run at the Omaha Zoo.

Photo: I'm in my tree working on Jaguar Pride, but I wanted to comment about the weather. Do you pay any attention to weather forecasts? I need to run into town and I was thinking about doing so at a certain hour--but during that hour, not before or after, just during that hour, we have a 70% chance of rain. LOL Do I risk it? Play devil's advocate? Go later? Go earlier? Believe the weather forecast? LOL

Have a terrific Friday! I’m back to working on the story. No time to just enjoy the holidays!!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”