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I Wish My Dreams Would…

Create the scenes I need to propel my story along. Wouldn’t that be neat? I know some authors whose brains work that way. What a miracle that would be! Here you’d get your sleep, kind of, and still be writing the story, kind of.

Not me. Though sometimes as I’m waking, or trying to fall asleep, I’ll be mulling over the story and voila! I have a breakthrough idea! Not last night or this morning, however. Which means I just have to write until I get it right.

You Had Me at Jaguar–Feb 26!

Back to writing on SEAL Team wolfies! The golden jaguar in the foreground was so good to allow me to photograph him while he was thinking about how good I would taste. The other jaguars are from renderosity. Have a beautiful day!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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Sold to Tantor! Again!

Exciting News!!! Savage Hunger is already in audiobook. Jaguar Fever is being narrated now. And Sourcebooks Casablanca just sold the rights to Tantor for Jaguar Hunt! So they should be up next! 🙂 <3 Now, just need them to pick up Jaguar Pride! http://www.audible.com/pd/Romance/Savage-Hunger-Audiobook/B00NAGI2KQ
http://www.audible.com/…/Romance/Savage-Hunger-A…/B00NAGI2KQHeart of the Jaguar Series Collage

Savage Hunger (Book 1)



Chapters Indigo



Jaguar Fever(Book 2)



Barnes and Noble




Discover a New Love



Jaguar Hunt (Book 3)
Jaguar Pride (Book 4)
Have a super Saturday! Back to the world of wolves! 🙂 She-Wolf is the 2nd book of the 4 book contract. If I have time, I’m supposed to write the Wolf in Billionaire’s Clothing. And then Jaguar Jingle Bells. They’re all on the schedule, but my editor wants Jaguar Jingle Bells no matter what if I fall behind for some reason. 🙂
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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Having Fun is the Key–Coastal Magic Readers’ Convention, Daytona Beach, Florida

Linda Townsend, her Plum Bear and Me 300x500

Linda Townsend, her Plum Bear and Me, before we went to the Mad Hatter party. Daytona Beach, Coastal Magic Readers’ Convention.

Omigosh, I had the WORST trip out to the convention: ice delays in Dallas, missed flight to Atlanta, flashing silver lights at the Atlanta airport warning that there was an emergency, and apparently someone had set off the fire alarm, and we were afraid we were going to have to be evacuated when our flight was leaving in just a few minutes, and then when I arrived in Daytona Beach, I had a ruined suitcase and had to buy a new one.

The return trip was MUCH, MUCH better. 🙂 <3

But no matter what, I had a blast at the convention. Everyone was super friendly, and listening to the ocean made me wish I was living there year round. When I’m done at a convention, I’m ready to go home. You know how it is, home sweet home. But there I was this morning with the door open, listening to the seagulls and the waves pounding the beach, and it really was hard to leave. I was thinking how enjoyable it would be sitting there writing my SEAL stories. LOL 🙂

Palm Trees Daytona Beach

Okay, I have tons of pictures to show, but for now, this is it. I’ve got to pick up my puppies tomorrow and I have deadlines galore, so I’ll share as I can. Plus, I was still uploading programs that I need on my computer that were deleted when they cleaned my computer because of the virus. Ugh. So I’ve got a million things to get done now.

Have a super Tuesday…it’s too late to wish you a wonderful Monday. 🙂


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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At USA Today–Twice!!!

For Kissing the Highlander at USA Today!

Kissing the Highlander final (438x640)


And for: Jaguar Pride at USA Today!


And a lovely review from Pure Jonel!


My Review:

This novel is a fantastic mix of action and romance. Spear writes in a manner that allows you to easily picture yourself standing in the midst of the action. She involves her readers in every aspect of the mission her characters embark on. Spear’s hot bedroom scenes leave you drooling. This all makes the unique and unforgettable plot of the story shine through. This author’s fantastic storytelling and fluid writing style top it all off.

This author has definitely nailed shifters as characters, creating a brilliant cast for this novel. She makes these shifters so very real. Not only is it easy to imagine how these individuals can exist among us without our knowledge, the individuals that we get to meet are just plain intriguing. Both the male and the female leads are strong individuals who embrace every part of who they are. They were also fun, approachable people that I truly wanted to read about.

This was a fantastically unique novel that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to other lovers of the supernatural, and of romance with a twist. It can just as easily be read as a standalone or as part of the series.

Goodreads ~ ShelfariAmazon ~ Apple ~ BAM ~ B&N ~ Chapters ~ Indiebound ~ Kobo

– See more at: http://purejonel.blogspot.ca/2015/02/JaguarPride.html#sthash.W9LzXVhx.dpuf


Still trying to get everything up and running on my computer, and my data usage alert said I was going into the dungeon. Well, not really, but that’s how I equate it. No more Internet, and if I can write a note in blood to try and get it out to someone on the outside, we’ll be good. 🙂

Can you tell I love to make up stories!

Because of the puppies being so sick, no collar training for Max for two days. I figured he’d forget everything he’d learned, but he was really good. Also, I have it on a setting of 3 instead of 5, 7 being highest on the Low button. And he’s minding. But will he still remember everything when I’ve been gone for 5 days?

Anyway, got to get to writing. Spent all day yesterday trying to get my computer back up and running, and I still haven’t finished, and I’m behinder and behinder–yes, it’s a word. My word. As an author, it’s perfectly acceptable to make up our own words. Really. So anyway, I had not planned on writing while at conference, but I might have to. *sigh*

Have a super great day! Mine is much better! Puppies are playing again. Max is relegated to his bed and not my desk chair because he gets up, and then down, and then wants back up, and then backs away when I want to put him up, so figured it was time for him to go to his own bed. And he looks so sad.

This is what I would call tough puppy love.

Hope your day is the greatest!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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Jaguar Pride Releases!!!


An impossible mission…

JAG Special Forces agents Huntley Anderson and Melissa Overton are hot on the trail of poachers when they’re suddenly saddled with two jaguar shifter cubs. They have to locate the parents, pronto-but who’s going to babysit in the meantime?

A lifetime of possibilities… Huntley is a rough, tough jaguar shifter and an all-business agent, but he’s not going to let two abandoned youngsters come to any harm on his watch.

Seeing her super-manly partner try to get the playful cubs under control stirs up some unexpected desires in Melissa, and she begins to feel like Huntley’s not the only one who’s in over his head…

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Jaguar-Pride-Heart-Book-ebook/dp/B00NH1UK68

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/jaguar-pride-terry-spear/1119260026

Excerpt from Jaguar Pride by Terry Spear:

Melissa had never had a mission that had turned her world so upside down like this one had. She always had a plan. Maybe not a great one, but she always had some notion of what she was going to do next. This. Was. A. Disaster!

Not only was she feeling highly agitated and concerned about the jaguars the poachers had taken off with, now believing they had to be the parents to these two cubs because there couldn’t be that many shifters in the park at one time, she didn’t think, she worried how they’d care for a couple of baby jaguars.

And Huntley. What an all-around catastrophe, though she was thanking God that the cubs were all right and that at least she and Huntley had been here to care for them in the interim. And that Huntley would be fine. She thought.

The mother had to have smelled that jaguars had slept here, knew they were shifters, and hoped they’d take care of them. The problem was that the babies would be nursing, not adding meat to their diet until they were three months old. They had to get them back to their lodge and then Melissa had to get milk for them, pronto, even though mother’s milk would have been much preferred.

Melissa was so rattled, she had begun to take care of Huntley’s head wound out of instinct, not realizing she’d cleaned it, administered an antibiotic, and bandaged his head before she even knew it. She called her boss right after that.

“Martin, we’ve got a terrible problem.” She explained everything that had happened, and as worried as she was about Huntley, the cubs and the parents, she felt chilled to the core.

What if any park rangers came across them and found them with the cubs? They’d take them away from them and then take them to a facility. And she and Huntley could be arrested for trying to poach the jaguar kits. What if the mother shifted, which would cause the cubs to shift, and they were suddenly two little human babies?

This was a real nightmare of epic proportions.

“Okay, Melissa,” Martin said, and she didn’t realize he’d been speaking to her for some time when he said, “Melissa?”

Breaking through the fog in her brain, he repeated her name and this time she said, “Yes?”

“Listen to me. I’ll have a team there within thirty-six hours tracking down the mother and father, if the ones taken are the mother and father.”

What if they weren’t? What if the mother and father were somewhere else? No, they couldn’t be.

“Your mission, and Huntley’s, is to get the cubs to your cabana. Keep them hidden and safe. Feed them. Nurture them. Protect them at all costs. Watch Huntley. Make sure he’s all right. If his condition deteriorates—”

“He’s unconscious!”

Silence. Then the cubs began to snarl again as if she could feed them!

She felt Huntley’s cheek again, but his temperature was fine and his breathing normal.

“Yes, but we heal quickly. If that changes—he begins to get feverish or shows any other sign of infection, let me know at once. You should pack up your gear and move to the cabana tonight.”

“Huntley’s unconscious!”

A pause.

“Yes. Melissa, listen. You need to move the cubs under the fall of night. You’ve got to get them out of the park before anyone sees you with them. You’ve got to get them to your cabana before morning. I hear them in the background. They’re hungry. They’re going to give you away if anyone’s about. I hear it’s raining also. Good cover. For now. It won’t last though.”


Fresh Fiction Review!

Jaguar Pride
Terry Spear

Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko
Posted February 1, 2015

Thriller Paranormal – Supernatural | Romance Paranormal

JAGUAR PRIDE is fantastic! Author Terry Spear weaves her magic and takes her readers for an action packed, race through the jungles. I loved Hunt and Melissa and their mixed up lives and enjoyed watching as they came to slowly realize that they were perfect for each other. Having these single people deal with those cubs was funny and really sweet because not to long before they did the “never having cubs” conversation and anyone could see they would make perfect parents. I also got a kick out of the matchmaking play that had gone on behind their backs and couldn’t help but laugh at how they found out about it. There is a lot of action and camaraderie between them and other members of the different teams that come to help rescue the poached jaguars as well as the growing romance that makes this book one that you will want to keep reading to the end and then want more. This is in my TRA (to read again) shelf and I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one.


Okay, puppies were sick ALL day yesterday. They seem to be doing well today, but I’m still cleaning all the bedding they threw up on. My watch is now repaired. I just got my computer back and everything is wiped out, so except for finally getting my blog up and running, I have nothing on my computer, so need to try to really get it up and running. My heater was not working, but it appears to be now.

And…it’s time for me to go to conference. Oh, and my editor called about edits last night, just as I was rushing a sick puppy out the door.

So not only am I 6,700 words behind on SEAL (which, considering I was 14,000 words behind, that’s not bad, and now have edits on Silver and a trip to take… *sigh*

Have a super great day. I need a vacation. 🙂


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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Teaser from Jaguar Hunt:

He meant to go lightly, cautiously, sweetly. First kiss, first date. But she curled her fingers in his hair, pressed her hot little body against his, and kissed him back as if they had been dating for a good long while! As if he wanted him like he wanted her.
Now this was more like it.
~ JAGUAR HUNT by Terry Spear
Amazon – http://amzn.to/1i5DVu2
Barnes and Noble – http://bit.ly/QuCsmn
iTunes – http://bit.ly/1rjnVVY

And if anyone wants to share a Twitter Teaser:
He’s handsome w/a wicked sense of humor…and he shifts into a jaguar. Meet David, @TerrySpear’s hero in JAGUAR HUNT http://amzn.to/1i5DVu2

Hold the Presses!!!!


I was under the mistaken impression I had some free time. You know what they say, never put off tomorrow….blah, blah, blah, so I didn’t. It was either work some more on Hawk Fae or start listening to In the Dead of the Night to the audio files for proofing or get back to work on Jaguar Pride.

OR, I could take my break this afternoon and go grocery shopping, run the rest of my errands, and THEN go to see the Hunger Games.

Well, I figured I probably needed a break as I wrote 11,000 words one day on Hawk Fae, 7,000 the next, then 3,000 the last two days at night after working for 2 days on edits on Hero of a Highland Wolf.

Yeah, yeah, so you’re waiting for the story behind the picture and I’m really getting to it. That’s why I’m a writer. I like to write.

I chose #1–spend the afternoon getting my chores done, then watch a movie, figure I’d get home and catch up emails, and GUESS WHAT I found in my email. Hero of a Highland Wolf was received. Good. And then in the next email????? JAGUAR HUNT copyedits.

Who said ANYTHING about more book edits???? LOL

Okay, so that’s fine. These are the very final edits and they’re usually just for making sure there are no last minute mistakes. *sigh*

So the dragon fae in Hawk Fae will have to deal with all their trouble on their own for a little while longer. The jaguar shifters in Jaguar Pride are hardcore, so they can handle me being gone for some more time, and In the Dead of the Night? I’m sure the agents can figure out something to do with themselves in the dead of the night until I can get back to them.

Because I’m back in the jungle with more jaguar shifters!

See why it’s so important not to put things off???? Ever??? Unless you turn off your email.

Happy New Year’s Eve! I’m going to be partying in the jungle with a bunch of hot cats.

What about you?

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

A Couple of Announcements!~

I’m trying to finish up Jaguar Hunt edits to turn in pronto. Here’s another look at that hunky David with the cutest smirk that totally defines him!

Yum, right? Okay, so have to get that done pronto. And then I’m behind with working on A Highland Wolf Christmas, actually only have 4,300 words to go, but I still have a lot of finishing up to do. It’s due in soon, and with the holidays, that makes it like really soon.

But I wanted to show off a lovely review for The Highlander, which continues to make the bestseller list at Amazon:

Highlander12 tag endorsement bold copy3 (2)

New discovery for me! 5 stars
OMG I loved this beautiful love story, written by Terry Spear, titled The HIGHLANDER of her Highlanders series. It’s the first book that I read from her and it won’t be the last one. I think that I am now addicted to this author’s books! I loved this one because I found refreshing that her heroine Anora, is a shepherdess, a feisty and intelligent woman. She is a lady in control until she meets a wounded and half-naked man in her bed. The hero Niall is a rugged and handsome highlander with a kind heart who will try to discover her true identity and her secrets. It’s a Scottish adventure filled with tenderness, passion and action. Ms. Spear nicely blended her characters into this captivating story that is filled with elements a reader needs to find it interested until the end. Ms. Spear is a talented storyteller; I found it very well written and a delight to read. I highly recommend The HIGHLANDER especially if you love Scottish romances. Looking forward to read Gunnof’s story!

by Nicole LaverdureThanks so much to Nicole!And Exchanging Grooms, which is a fun romantic comedy about weddings and no weddings and weddings…is now in audio book form!

A fan sent this and I had to share! I served along with my sister and mother, but tons of the men in my family also. Thought this was cute and wanted to share it for Veteran’s Day!

I also had a total ball at Readers and Ritas in Allen, Texas, outside of Dallas, this past weekend and even found my way!!! Had so much fun meeting readers, bloggers, authors and the Fresh Fiction staff that puts this on. I already signed up for November! So I’ve really got to get back to Jaguar Hunt edits and hope you have the greatest Monday!Did you read Exchanging Grooms and have fun with it? Are you ready for David in Jaguar Hunt? If  you’ve read The Highlander, does Gunnolf need a puppy of his own? LOL

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

In Editing Mode…

Which means??? I’m not in a cave with him, but working in the jungle…so back to my jungle spot!!! They were due back yesterday. I got the edits yesterday. So you know what that means??? I can’t goof off. Nose to the jaguar, kind of thing. 🙂

This is not the finished book cover, but I love to show it off anyway! 🙂 He has the kind of smirk my character does in the book, sooooo perfect! 🙂

I’m giving a short Halloween story here today!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

Ever Have One of Those Days???


I forget that Mondays roll around and well, sometimes, though, it’s not Monday that’s the problem. Sometimes it’s Tuesday, that insists it’s a Monday. Or it’s Wednesday, or Thursday. You get the point, right?

Some days several days can be a Monday.

So today, was totally a Monday. First, computer wouldn’t come on. Finally, finally fixed that, and then Internet wouldn’t work. Did I mention it’s a Monday? And I slept wrong so I have a pain in the neck. You know, the real kind. Not just the pain-in-the-neck Monday where the computer won’t work and my Internet won’t work after that.

Okay, so that’s it for my Monday. The rest of the day is going to be a Saturday. I insist.

What about you? Ever have a Monday that’s all week long? Or on the wrong day? Or heaven forbid, fell on a MONDAY?

I feel like this:

The Trouble with Demons

The good news is I’m at Casablanca’s today with a free giveaway!


Have a super, great Saturday! (Remember, Monday has gone away!)

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”