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Audiobooks and More Audiobooks

A Squirrel’s Nest

Woohoo! Made some inroads into the audiobooks, between that and reading books to little one. Well, some inroads. I discovered that 2 of the books, the narrators had 30 seconds over their retail sample on the 5 minute limit, so that means I couldn’t publish them with Voices. So annoying. I had done all the work on them, redone the covers, because they require 3000×3000 and then uploaded all the audio files and get an error message on the very last file–the retail sample. I had these narrated in 2014, so doubt I could have the narrators redo them. That means I have finished 5 of the 17 so far. So making some progress. Now I’m checking the retail sample length FIRST to make sure they’re not too long before I go through all that other work. Oh, my son-in-law picked up his daughter and showed me how to fix them. He makes his own music and soundtracks, so that was cool! Finished 8 of them, 9 to go!

My granddaughter and I went out to check on one of my old forest pine trees in the front yard to confirm what I thought I saw last night. It’s dying. I hate that when that happens. I lost one of my other pine trees in back. I’m sure it had to do with them doing so much digging to put electric lines and water pipes in when they built the homes here. They tried to leave a few of the old growth forest trees in the development to make it appear not like totally stripped land, which was nice.  The good news is I’ve been letting saplings grow up around the old trees, just in case this happened. So I’m hoping they will eventually grow up and take the place of all the old pines that are growing there. The good news also is they grow fast. Not sure about the ones in the front yard, but the one in the backyard grew 3 feet last summer. In any event, I’ll need someone with insurance to take that tree down. With the high winds we get here, it could be a hazard to our health. They’re about 50 feet tall.

So when we went for our walk, my granddaughter wanted to run, and she was running along at a good click but then she leans over, like she’s one of those professional runners who has run thirty miles, and she says, “Carry me, Grandma, I’m too tired.” She’s 37 lbs. I don’t think so. I told her I had a backpack of mail I was carrying too.

I finally convinced her to walk again while I talked about our shadows and then she began stepping on mine and was laughing hysterically while I was trying to protect my shadow. That got her mind off of how tired she was. And then at the end, she made me run with her.

Then we get home and she takes off her shoes and scolds me for putting her socks on wrong. She has to have them just right. She told me the other day how she had put one of them on wrong herself. She’s so funny. But at least I get her shoes on the right feet. Her mom put them on the wrong feet when she picked her up, and I put them on the correct feet. So then Keira tells me her mom put them on the right feet. Thankfully, my daughter told her grandma was right. I do know my left from my right when it comes to shoes. Not sure about her socks.

Other good news, we don’t have to do our taxes until June. I’ll still get mine done before the baby comes, hopefully, but I want to finish these audiobooks and get them out with Voices, and also finish proofing the print version of Saving the White Cougar. But then….more edits came. These are for Jingle Bell Wolf. No! 🙂 *sigh*

So that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend. I have little one here again tomorrow, so can’t get a whole lot done.

Hope you all have a fun day! I’m off to get busy with mine.


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SEAL Wolf Hunting is OUT!!!

After months of writing, more weeks of editing, and more revising, and proofing, and in the meantime writing 4 more books–Silver Wolf Christmas (Oct 2015), She-Wolf Leader of the Pack (Feb 2016), SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble (Summer 2016), Phantom Fae (Apr 2015), and 55,000 words into Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing (25,000 words to go, woohoo!), while promoting the new release of Jaguar Pride (Feb 2015) it seems like eons ago that I wrote SEAL Wolf Hunting. An eternity.


Book 17

Book 17

Phantom Fae

Don’t have covers for SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble, or She-Wolf, or Billionaire yet. 🙂

And here you all thought I was goofing off!!!! With trips, and book signings, and playing with puppies and taking pictures, and visiting zoos and wolf parks and well, just plain old goofing off.

But you see writing is REALLY my day job and unlike Rick Castle on CASTLE, who writes one book a year, I get a little more done in a year. I have to. I have 3 wolf books and a jaguar book coming out next year. And more, when I can find the time. See if you can match that, Rick Castle.  Oh, sure, he’s running around flirting with Detective Kate Becket and helping her to solve murder cases, but that’s the same as taking trips to zoos, playing with puppies, and taking pictures–time-wise, right?

And yet he’s a multi-millionaire crime thriller novelist. Hmm, maybe I should switch genres. Oh, I know it’s because the women flock to him and books aren’t the only thing that he’s signing. *sigh*

So I have to make do with what I have and…write more.

Book 16

Book 16

I have to thank my fans for loving my books though. You are my inspiration! Every time I write a scene, I wonder–will you love it as much as I do? I’ve been writing some fun scenes in Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing, and those scenes make the book memorable to me. But every book has them.

Even after writing so many other books, nearly 5 since I wrote SEAL Wolf Hunting, I still can vividly see some of my favorite scenes–Paul Cunningham, retired Navy SEAL wolf who now does undercover freelance work has come home with his SEAL team body, Allan Rappaport, after a grueling mission. They lost one of the college students they were supposed to rescue.

Paul suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But I don’t belabor it. It’s just to show how something like that can make someone react to situations that others will take no note of. When Lori Greypaw realizes Paul might be reacting to situations because of PTSD, she reaches out to him, to help him deal with it. HE doesn’t believe he is having any trouble at all. But when he breaks into Allan’s mother’s home, both men covered in face paint and armed and ready to take down hostage takers, it’s funny and fun, but there’s this undercurrent of hint of trouble that Paul is dealing with, unbeknownst to anyone.

Anyone can suffer from PTSD.

So I’ve touched on it in the story, in fun ways that show that life isn’t always what’s right in front of you, but sometimes there are hidden fears that make you react to certain situations that might confound others.

Okay off to start the busy day ahead with prizes and such at my site.

I also will be giving away 5 copies of the audiobook through Audible–to lucky commenters on this blog. They are good for US and UK winners. I’m not sure if the codes will work elsewhere. But if you love shapeshifters, romance, the paranormal, wolves, mystery, suspense, action and humor, and enjoy audible books, just tell me why you’d love to listen to this story, and I’ll throw you in the pot for a free copy!

Have a super great day! Mine is on top of the moon because it’s RELEASE DAY!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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Chapters Indigo


I thought…

Have you ever thought–oh, this is going to be a piece of cake, and it wasn’t?

Okay, I thought I was reading through the final proof of A Silver Wolf Christmas. It isn’t. *sigh* It’s the one BEFORE that. No problem, but it’s a little more work than the final one which is the mocked up version of the real live book. Which I love. I really get to read it for enjoyment then.

I was looking for my A Silver Wolf Christmas picture and realized I don’t have one yet. They had to redo it, so still waiting on the approved version.

Dragon Fae

Dragons love to hoard.

Dragon Fae audiobook was just released.

Anyway, so I’ve got 210 pages to go. Hey, no, I wasn’t running around collecting Easter bunny eggs, though I discovered my adorable puppies are collecting them. Maybe not Easter bunny eggs, but they are round, and the bunnies leave them behind. And the puppies think they are as good as treats. Argh. Dogs will be dogs.

But I did spend the majority of the day proofing the audiobook for Hawk Fae. It was 5+ hours long, which meant with all the puppy breaks I had to take, it was closer to 8 hours long. Now, I have to wait until the narrator fixes the mistakes, and then I can approve it, pay her, she releases it, and it’s in final review to be available to the public.

Hawk Fae book 6 eyes (532x800)

I’ve been trying to avoid going to a bunch of Facebook parties because I’ve got so much writing to do, plus I now have 2 more bear orders to do and another conference to go to.

So what do I do? I agree to do two on the same day! Tomorrow. *sigh* They’re fun, but time-consuming, and I need to get Silver Wolf Christmas edits done, get back to She-Wolf, and make two bears.

So tomorrow, I’ll be here:

Giving away 3 autographed books at Vonnie’s new release party. I’ll be there from 2-3 CST on April 7. But prizes are being given away all day, and who doesn’t want to read Vonnie’s hot Highland bears, eh? She is also giving away a Matheson Clan Bear, so be sure to attend and growl your delight! https://www.facebook.com/events/1627811187442281/

April 7 Giveaway at Brooklyn Ann’s new release party tomorrow at https://www.facebook.com/events/805733069505753/ This is for Pacific Time, so I will be on from 5-5:30, CST for me.

flower weeds 007 (640x427)

Wildflowers in bloom

And that’s it! With 214 pages left to go on A Silver Wolf Christmas, I’ll be busy! But I also have been writing a little on She-Wolf, still working on word count, and the rest of the story.

Have a super great Monday! 🙂

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
Connect with Terry Spear: Website: http://www.terryspear.com
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/421434.Terry_Spear
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TerrySpearParanormalRomantics
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TerrySpear
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Are You Ready to Listen to a Book?

Do you listen to audiobooks?

When I drove to work, I listened to them on the way there and back home, on trips, painted a whole room listening to one and was ready to paint the whole house, love to hear a book when I’m unable to read one or do anything else.

I just finished proofing and then approving The Shadow Elf (YA), half way done with proofing In the Dead of the Night, and have finished Forbidden Love and Demon Trouble Too (YA), both in review right now.  The Winged Fae, The Highlander, Huntress for Hire, and The Trouble with Demons are in process.

So I’m off to proof the rest of In the Dead of the Night, and once the narrator makes the necessary corrections, I can approve it, send a check to pay her, and then it’ll go into review. Once it’s done with the review, it’s available for the listening public. So much fun!

The great news is I have some review copies!!!

Terry Spear, Deidre's Secret (Unabridged)


A Couple of Announcements!~

I’m trying to finish up Jaguar Hunt edits to turn in pronto. Here’s another look at that hunky David with the cutest smirk that totally defines him!

Yum, right? Okay, so have to get that done pronto. And then I’m behind with working on A Highland Wolf Christmas, actually only have 4,300 words to go, but I still have a lot of finishing up to do. It’s due in soon, and with the holidays, that makes it like really soon.

But I wanted to show off a lovely review for The Highlander, which continues to make the bestseller list at Amazon:

Highlander12 tag endorsement bold copy3 (2)

New discovery for me! 5 stars
OMG I loved this beautiful love story, written by Terry Spear, titled The HIGHLANDER of her Highlanders series. It’s the first book that I read from her and it won’t be the last one. I think that I am now addicted to this author’s books! I loved this one because I found refreshing that her heroine Anora, is a shepherdess, a feisty and intelligent woman. She is a lady in control until she meets a wounded and half-naked man in her bed. The hero Niall is a rugged and handsome highlander with a kind heart who will try to discover her true identity and her secrets. It’s a Scottish adventure filled with tenderness, passion and action. Ms. Spear nicely blended her characters into this captivating story that is filled with elements a reader needs to find it interested until the end. Ms. Spear is a talented storyteller; I found it very well written and a delight to read. I highly recommend The HIGHLANDER especially if you love Scottish romances. Looking forward to read Gunnof’s story!

by Nicole LaverdureThanks so much to Nicole!And Exchanging Grooms, which is a fun romantic comedy about weddings and no weddings and weddings…is now in audio book form!

A fan sent this and I had to share! I served along with my sister and mother, but tons of the men in my family also. Thought this was cute and wanted to share it for Veteran’s Day!

I also had a total ball at Readers and Ritas in Allen, Texas, outside of Dallas, this past weekend and even found my way!!! Had so much fun meeting readers, bloggers, authors and the Fresh Fiction staff that puts this on. I already signed up for November! So I’ve really got to get back to Jaguar Hunt edits and hope you have the greatest Monday!Did you read Exchanging Grooms and have fun with it? Are you ready for David in Jaguar Hunt? If  you’ve read The Highlander, does Gunnolf need a puppy of his own? LOL

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

More Audio Books!!

The Accidental Highland Hero

This is the new cover for The Accidental Highland Hero! Winning the Highlander’s Heart is nearly done! 🙂 They’re redoing them to add the ladies. Don’t you love it???

The Accidental Highland Hero–Book 2

Lady Eilis Dunbarton’s life undergoes a drastic change with the death of her cousin, Agnes. Now she’s faced with the disagreeable prospect of marrying the man who was to be her cousin’s husband. Not by a change of contract, though. Instead, by deceit—pretending to be her cousin. But if her husband-to-be discovers she’s not really Agnes, her life is forfeit. So what choice does Eilis have but to flee?

When Laird James MacNeill’s clan rescues a half-drowned lass from the sea, there is speculation she is of the enemy clan, especially since she doesn’t remember her own name. James is immediately enticed with the lady, but his focus must remain on finding the proper bride. For if he does not wed soon, he must give up his holdings to one of his younger brothers.

Focus slips away with each day Eilis is close, and James finds himself contemplating the thought of taking her to wife without knowing her true identity.

But how dangerous would the end result be?

And what will happen if Eilis’s husband-to-be comes looking for her only to find her in the arms of another man?



B & N

And just released, both the audio books for Taming the Wild Highlander and Lady Caroline and the Egotistical Earl!

Edana Chattan senses concerns where people she knows could be in danger. When her brothers warn her they’re in trouble, she can’t convince her father to listen to her, so with an escort, she tries to locate them. Separated from her escort during a storm, she is discovered by Angus MacNeill, who is tasked to return her home. Only Edana has other notions – and convinces him and his companions to allow her to use her abilities to locate her brothers who are manacled in a dungeon somewhere.

That leads to a faux marriage and more dungeons and more trouble than Angus had ever thought possible. So why is the bewitching, fiery-haired lass making him think of marrying her for real?





Lady Caroline and the Egotistical Earl



Lady Caroline has one mission in mind, helping her mother maintain their estates after her father’s death, while knights posing as the earl’s men continue to kill their livestock. But as soon as her mother wishes the earl’s intervention, Caroline has a new problem–the earl is intrigued with her and wants her to reside at his castle and serve his mother.Caroline refuses, but as the raids on her family’s lands turn more deadly, Lord John Talbot forces the issue. Caroline continues to attempt to uncover who is behind the raids, and with her unnatural ability to remember details, she intends to see justice done.

The lady may be his undoing, but the earl decides she is the one for him and no other will do, if only he can keep her safe from the danger that follows her every move until he can wed her.




B & N







Off to write!!!  Have a super Thursday! Here, it’s going to be 100 today and 103 tomorrow. Argh. And NO rain. Keep doing rain dances, but it’s not working….

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

Relative Danger and the Audio Book for The Deadly Fae (book 2) Are Now Out!

Relative Danger is now out!  The audio books for Lady Caroline and the Egotistical Earl and Taming the Wild Highlander should be out soon. They’re in the review process now, but otherwise complete!

Murder, mayhem, and family secrets abound when some beneficiaries of an insurance magnate’s last will and testament plot to get their money early. During a week of togetherness orchestrated by her not-quite-departed uncle’s will, headstrong heiress McKenna Sutherland has to team up with resort manager Thomas Hampton, the man who stole her heart five years ago, or she’ll lose her inheritance—to him! McKenna and Thomas need to uncover the villain among a cast of colorful characters who have joined them for the week, each of whom has a stake in the ultimate outcome—Uncle Sheldon’s money, and loads of it. Thomas’s job is to keep Sheldon’s faked death a secret, while he makes sure McKenna isn’t next on the killer’s hit list. With everything around them a lie, can Thomas regain McKenna’s love and trust before it’s too late?






And just received notification that The Deadly Fae is now available in audio book!

The Deadly Fae: The World of Fae, Book 2 | [Terry Spear]

Lady Sessily is a dark fae, an assassin, and she intends to retire and take up some other occupation so she can lead a normal life. Get a boyfriend. Visit the human world to hassle humans like many of her kind do. Attend fae kingdom parties, not as the mystery woman who is scoping out her next intended victim, but just to have fun. Until tall, dark, handsome, and deadly interrupts her plans. She is on a mission to assassinate a fae lord who is the most evil kind of fae. But when she is thwarted, not once but twice by another fae lord, she is ready to strangle him. And she’ll do it for free.

The crown prince of the cobra fae doesn’t know what to think when he hires a master assassin who turns out to be a woman – not her father like he’d been led to believe. But can she eliminate one of the most powerful queens of any of the fae kingdoms without getting herself killed? He soon rethinks his plan as he gets to know the woman he begins to think of as his angel assassin.

Audio Book

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”