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Woohoo! Made some inroads into the audiobooks, between that and reading books to little one. Well, some inroads. I discovered that 2 of the books, the narrators had 30 seconds over their retail sample on the 5 minute limit, so that means I couldn’t publish them with Voices. So annoying. I had done all the work on them, redone the covers, because they require 3000×3000 and then uploaded all the audio files and get an error message on the very last file–the retail sample. I had these narrated in 2014, so doubt I could have the narrators redo them. That means I have finished 5 of the 17 so far. So making some progress. Now I’m checking the retail sample length FIRST to make sure they’re not too long before I go through all that other work. Oh, my son-in-law picked up his daughter and showed me how to fix them. He makes his own music and soundtracks, so that was cool! Finished 8 of them, 9 to go!

My granddaughter and I went out to check on one of my old forest pine trees in the front yard to confirm what I thought I saw last night. It’s dying. I hate that when that happens. I lost one of my other pine trees in back. I’m sure it had to do with them doing so much digging to put electric lines and water pipes in when they built the homes here. They tried to leave a few of the old growth forest trees in the development to make it appear not like totally stripped land, which was nice.  The good news is I’ve been letting saplings grow up around the old trees, just in case this happened. So I’m hoping they will eventually grow up and take the place of all the old pines that are growing there. The good news also is they grow fast. Not sure about the ones in the front yard, but the one in the backyard grew 3 feet last summer. In any event, I’ll need someone with insurance to take that tree down. With the high winds we get here, it could be a hazard to our health. They’re about 50 feet tall.

So when we went for our walk, my granddaughter wanted to run, and she was running along at a good click but then she leans over, like she’s one of those professional runners who has run thirty miles, and she says, “Carry me, Grandma, I’m too tired.” She’s 37 lbs. I don’t think so. I told her I had a backpack of mail I was carrying too.

I finally convinced her to walk again while I talked about our shadows and then she began stepping on mine and was laughing hysterically while I was trying to protect my shadow. That got her mind off of how tired she was. And then at the end, she made me run with her.

Then we get home and she takes off her shoes and scolds me for putting her socks on wrong. She has to have them just right. She told me the other day how she had put one of them on wrong herself. She’s so funny. But at least I get her shoes on the right feet. Her mom put them on the wrong feet when she picked her up, and I put them on the correct feet. So then Keira tells me her mom put them on the right feet. Thankfully, my daughter told her grandma was right. I do know my left from my right when it comes to shoes. Not sure about her socks.

Other good news, we don’t have to do our taxes until June. I’ll still get mine done before the baby comes, hopefully, but I want to finish these audiobooks and get them out with Voices, and also finish proofing the print version of Saving the White Cougar. But then….more edits came. These are for Jingle Bell Wolf. No! 🙂 *sigh*

So that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend. I have little one here again tomorrow, so can’t get a whole lot done.

Hope you all have a fun day! I’m off to get busy with mine.


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