Finch and Sparrow in the Snow


When we had our snowstorm, I managed some pictures of the birds, that are totally not used to snow and ice! Poor little things. Luckily, the fountain I have works perfectly, motor and all, after I forgot to turn it off and it turned into a frozen waterfall. We just don’t have a week of hard freeze normally like that and I just didn’t think of it. A squirrel kept trying to get water from it, confused as to what the ice was.


I read where we could have more severe hurricanes and Africa could get dryer. I’m not surprised.

If I were a scientist who could perform a miracle, I would turn the deserts into lush green forests. I’ve always wanted to. I wish I had the power to do it. Not for fame or glory, but just so more of the earth could be inhabitable and everyone could have enough fresh water and clean air to breathe.

I looked at the news, I shouldn’t have. One of the news stories I saw was about a tractor trailer that hit an SUV killing 13 of the 25 people traveling in it. Now, I’m sorry for that. It’s a horrible tragedy for everyone involved, the loss of loved ones, the people who made this happen. But how in the world do you get 25 people squished into an SUV? Forget that only about 8 people could have been seat-belted in. That’s more than three times what they can safely carry.

Anyway, the news is all horrible. We have both of the new fast spreading virus strains in Houston. We have a large international airport here. It’s a mess.

But on good news with the writing arena–the only thing I have real control over–I finished proofing Primal Desire and made the changes and uploaded the print version, so it should be coming out in a few days. And next I’ll be working on Saving the White Cougar print proof! And then it’s time to get back to writing new stories.

I was working on 1 of 17 audiobooks I need to send over to Voices, and I was writing on Warrior Elf also yesterday. I love it when I finally have some ideas for a story I’m working on. I’ll reread a story from the beginning several times, wondering where to go with it next. And then suddenly, the light bulb turns on. Now if only it would do that for Billionaire! I mean, that I could just come up with an idea to even start it!

And a little excerpt from Saving the White Cougar.

“She’d already moved behind rocks to jump down the cliffs on the backside, but her darned tail was whipping about in a response to the mixture of frustration and anger she was feeling.

She wanted to bite the men, but not turn them, and that probably wouldn’t fare well. They would be turned and then be rogue cougars, and she would have to terminate them. Which she didn’t want to do. Then there would be a hunt for the killer cougar, and any puma would be on the hunters’ hit list.

The men had already made it over or through the barbed wire fence and were running around to the other side of the cliffs before she reached the bottom. One of the men fired a shot at her, the bullet hitting the cliff and splintering the rocks. Her heart skittered as she dodged through the rocks to the base, trying to find cover.” –Saving the White Cougar, Terry Spear

Okay, I’m off to get something else done, maybe get Taming the Wild Cougar’s audiobook done before my granddaughter gets here. We have a busy day ahead of us!

Have a great day!


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