National Reading Month!

So yesterday, I finished the audio book uploads to Voices. Now I have 30 up there. Yay! I was looking at my statements for January, and I have some titles that paid themselves off, and some that may never be in the black. I’m hoping with library sales, some will begin to show some more sales and whittle away at the cost of narration. I’m talking about getting maybe 59 to 67 cents a month. Not anything more than that for some of the titles. Not a huge income. For some of the titles, maybe $7 a month.  In my kids’ lifetime they may see the ones in the red paid off! Or the grandkids’ time! It’s not so much the narrator, I have the same great narrator for several stories. It’s more the genre. So maybe they’ll get more reads at the library.

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When I was a kid, and later of course, I LOVED to read. I would be swept away in the world of books. I wrote stories too, told stories orally with my girlfriend, and just loved to go to garage sales, the only way I could get a book to keep for my own. I remember my mom asking me if I would read a series of books I wanted more than once, and I said, “Yes!” and I did. I hated going to the dentist, but the only highlight was they had Highlights for kids and it didn’t matter that millions of kids had abused it, or circled all the hidden objects, I devoured all the stories until I had to visit the dreaded dentist.

I asked my mom if she would get them for me, and finally she did for a couple of years. I just loved them. Once a month I would get a new magazine and I would read it from beginning to end in a sitting. It wasn’t until I was a teen that we started going to a library. But before that, I ate up all the books at the school library I could get my hands on. I remember being told I could only check out so many books at a time at the school library. I could get more at the regular library, but my mom didn’t want me to have that many at home because I probably couldn’t read all of them. But I could. And more.

We didn’t have advanced classes in anything, but we had to read all our school material and then once we were done, and did all the testing for it, we could spend time in the library for that English class period. I would whip through the books, do all my tests, and spend the rest of the semester in the library. That was the life.

So when I got a coupon in the mail to sign up for a Highlight’s magazine for my granddaughter–they have them for 3-6 year olds too–I did. And when that magazine comes in at the first of the month, we sit down and devour that whole magazine in one sitting. They have cool craft ideas, and one of them was to make a peanut butter, birdseed pine cone for the birds. So I had all the ingredients, pine cones all over the yard, peanut butter, and a bag of birdseed I feed the birds with–and squirrels and dogs, since they’re always eating it if I’m not after them about it.

What a mess. But it was fun, then it was fun seeing all the goldfinches and chickadees and cardinals and even the blue jays come down to eat off them. And of course the squirrels, who immediately had to have something to drink. And my dogs were in on the act, which goes without saying.

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They also have a craft where you create a dragon, I think, from tissue paper and such. I’ll have to look at it, but we’ll do that. And one for food. Bug food made of tomatoes and black olives and cucumbers. I don’t have the cucumbers, or cream cheese or anything, but maybe I can come up with something. I do have the antennas–chives, growing in the house, so we could come up with our very own version. I stuck antennas in her mashed potatoes and that was a start and got a laugh!

She told me she wanted her tomato. And I was like, yes! Finally, she wants a tomato. So I brought her an orange tomato, I only have the small orange ones and she frowns at me. “No, I want the white one.” Now I’m puzzled. Then I realized what she was saying! Potatoes! I was cooking them and they weren’t done. “Potatoes!” I said. “Yes, potatoes!” Like that’s what she had said all along. 

Okay, it’s back to the real world of adult stuff for me. I guess I’ll work on the deadline book edits for Monday, then Saving the White Cougar final proofing after that, since the actual book isn’t coming out until several months from now. I’m still wracking my brain for a billionaire story. I see him running along the beach. I see her rescuing him. But I need more than that. lol

It’s Friday! Hope you have a great day!!!


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4 thoughts on “National Reading Month!

  1. Hello My Lady♥
    WOW, what an Awesome day you had with Princess Fairy… Love the pics, specially the Lady in the midieval gown and her companions.
    I bought the Highlight’s magazine for my kids too they are readers as we are. When we lived in Minneiska, MN, we were lucky to have a “THE SOUTHEAST MN, BOOKMOBIL LIBRARY” that will come every other Tuesday, and stopped by the church for an hour, they were always Moms and kids waiting to return books and get new ones, you could order books if they were not in the Bus, the ladies were very good at having New books, they have CDs too. Late in the 90s they were only coming once a month the old bus was breaking down a lot and the founding $$$ to have a rolling library and 2 librarian was coming short the last few times It came around there was only 1 librarian, and we ere told the bookmobil service was founded until June 30th. that was it.
    Take care, have a good weekend.

    • Oh wow, that is so cool, Lola!! 🙂 <3 I think there wasn't a library near where we lived when I was younger and we only had one car and dad was driving into work all the time. I'm off to do my daughter's pregnancy photos with the family in a little bit.

  2. I had the highlights magazine as a child, and we got our 2 boys the magazine also. One of the best kids mag around!

    • It really was! I don’t know if it was for 3-6 year olds also back then or if that was a later development, but they sure are great! 🙂

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