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Feb 15-22–Savage Hunger–$0.99 USD Sale

Savage Hunger (Book 1)

As a jaguar he is graceful and gorgeous…

Speedy and stealthy…
Fierce, independent, and wild…

As a man he is passionate and powerful…

Willful and wonderful…
And he’ll stop at nothing to protect what’s his…

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Chapters Indigo



Savage Hunger$0.992/15/19 – 2/22/19
Jaguar Fever$1.992/15/19 – 2/22/19
Jaguar Hunt$2.992/15/19 – 2/22/19
Jaguar Pride$3.992/15/19 – 2/22/19

Jaguar Fever(Book 2)

She’s being pursued by everyone, in more ways than one.

Even in an exotic world of humans, jaguars, and tantalizing creatures who shift between the two, Maya Anderson stands out from the crowd. Interest from human suitors is bad enough, but when male shifters give chase, the real trouble starts.

Who’s the hunter and who’s the prey?

Investigating the black marketing trade of exotic animals keeps Wade Patterson more than busy. When he and Maya both get entangled in a steamy jungle mission, it becomes impossible to tell who is being hunted or who the hunters are. Wade is desperate to survive this deadly game of cat and mouse. But it’s Maya’s piercing eyes that keep him awake at night.

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Discover a New Love



Jaguar Hunt (Book 3)

Two deadly predators…One hot mission

As a feline Enforcer, Tammy Anderson has one objective: locate the missing jaguar and return it to the States. She doesn’t have time for distractions, and she definitely doesn’t have time for sexy shifters with more muscles than sense.

Everyone and their brother has warned JAG agent David Patterson that Tammy is Ms. Hands-Off…which only makes him more determined to get very hands-on. But things heat up in the steamy jungles of Belize and their simple mission gets a whole lot more complicated. Now it’s going to take everything David’s got to protect the gorgeous she-cat who somehow managed to claw her way past his defenses…and into his heart.



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Chapters Indigo




Jaguar Pride (Book 4)

An impossible mission…A lifetime of possibilities
JAG Special Forces agents Huntley Anderson and Melissa Overton are hot on the trail of poachers when they’re suddenly saddled with two jaguar shifter cubs. They have to locate the parents, pronto-but who’s going to babysit in the meantime?

Huntley is a rough, tough jaguar shifter and an all-business agent, but he’s not going to let two abandoned youngsters come to any harm on his watch. Seeing her super-manly partner try to get the playful cubs under control stirs up some unexpected desires in Melissa, and she begins to feel like Huntley’s not the only one who’s in over his head.

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Take home jaguars for a belated Valentine’s Day. You know you want to. And give them tons of loving!

Have a great one!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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Don’t Take it Personally, But…

You know you want to do it. To tell someone what you really think. Kids do. Why can’t we? Of course, sometimes adults do. Well meaning, or not.

The World of Fae

In my fae stories, the fae tell it like it is. Nothing personal. They’re just being the fae.


The Winged Fae

(The World of Fae, Book 3)

Category: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Romance » Fantasy

Niall, a royal member of the Denkar, aka the dark fae, is visiting South Padre Island when he catches a winged fae painting graffiti on a wall on the island claimed by his people. He is at once fascinated with the lovely girl and intrigued by her audacity, but as one of the Denkar, he must take her to task. Yet she’s armed with a sleeping potion that makes his life intolerable. Between freeing her from his people’s dungeon, her own tower, and fighting a knight in her honor, he wonders if he’s lost his mind over one beautiful winged fae–when she’s betrothed to his cousin!



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Excerpt from The Winged Fae by Terry Spear:

Bringing her attention back to the store Serena was standing in as she watched out the big picture window, she heard a clerk say to a woman trying on a beach dress near the dressing rooms, “Oh, yes, that looks just lovely on you.”

Serena turned around to see what looked so lovely on the woman and stared at the ugly monstrosity—the dress, not the customer. Although anyone wearing the dress would instantly look nearly as awful—the gauche colors, the hideous billowing sack, the ragged edging on the sleeves and hem of the dress as if the seamstress had forgotten to hem it.

Her faeness coming to the forefront, like a ventriloquist, Serena threw her voice, making it sound close to the clerk as if she was the one speaking again and said, “That is the most hideous-looking dress in the store. The color makes your skin look splotchy and sallow. The style, if it could be said to have any style at all, adds a hundred pounds onto your weight.”

If that didn’t do it, nothing would discourage the woman from buying the dress. Yet, Serena loved the gaping look on the customer’s face, and on the store clerk’s, too, and couldn’t leave well enough alone. Although if she’d been truly in a mischievous mood, she would have encouraged the woman to buy the goddess-awful dress.

“Not only that, but it looks like something you dragged out of a rag bag. The colors clash in such a horrible fashion that they wouldn’t look good on anyone, no matter—”

A hand seized Serena’s shoulder, and she was so startled, she shrieked.

Magic pink rhododendron flowers on summer mountain. Dramatic ove

I swear the fae were messing with me today. I had to change yet another darn smoke detector’s battery. There are like 10 in the house! Talk about total overkill, and it really hurts the dogs’ ears. So, first, I’m trying to figure out which one it is. In the direction it was, there are three.

Then I can’t reach it with the 8 foot ladder without lifting a bedside table and moving it. Then I finally could change out the battery, and as I was moving the table back in place, the drawers were falling out and I bumped one of the legs against the wall, very narrow space there, and skinned up the paint on the wall. I know the fae were up to no good. Not saying they moved the wall in closer, but the drawers, helping to push them out, yes. Then I carried the ladder back out to the garage and set it against the wall. Only it didn’t stay there. Now this is definitely where the fae were involved. They pushed the ladder against my car and dented it.

Darn fae.

I’m off to work on Cougar Magic, should be halfway done today, but I’m out to fix the fae once I can.

Supposed to rain, but the percentage keeps dropping. It’s very gray out though, so maybe…

Have a lovely day and hope you don’t have any troubles with the fae like I’m having today. And if someone says something nasty to you or treats you meanly, they might be one of the spiteful fae. Just saying…

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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Excerpt Wednesday: Cougar’s Mate…How the World Began…


Cougar’s Mate: Instinct told her to run…

Shannon Rafferty learns that hanging out with the bad boys could be a dangerous business, but hooking up with a cop is even worse. Now she’s on the run, trying to avoid being murdered by his cougar shifter brothers and uncle. If that isn’t bad enough, a deputy sheriff hunts her down while she’s running as a cougar and trying to survive in the Colorado wilderness. He vows to protect her no matter what she’s done. With three dead boyfriends to her name, she’s sure she will be the death of Chase Buchanan before either of them can prevent it. No matter how much she knows she has to run again, he soon holds her heart hostage. But will that be enough to keep them both alive?

Chase Buchanan—as wilderness cabin resort owner, former US Army Special Forces, and part time deputy of the small town of Yuma, Colorado that boasts a love of cougars—is tasked to track down a cougar reported to be hunting human prey. Chase soon learns she’s a shifter, not a full-time cougar, and she’s on the run. When he takes her in, he vows to protect her. After losing his wife and baby to the human kind of predator years earlier, he’s not letting Shannon’s hunters kill her, too. But how is he going to hold onto the wild-cat woman, who is unpredictable at every turn, without losing his heart to her, and then losing her as well?


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The sky grew darker as Shannon stared out the entrance of the cave, watching for any sign of danger. She hadn’t seen any hikers or hunters. Yes, she’d noticed the tents at the campsite near the lake. She’d even considered that after the men retired to their tents and their sleeping bags tonight, she could go there and catch a fish in the lake. The campers wouldn’t be able to see her at night. Then she’d have it made. But once she’d rescued the boy, she nixed that idea. If they somehow did catch sight of her, they would know she was a dangerous predator, looking for a new source of meat. Maybe even them.

It didn’t matter. She couldn’t have let the boy drown. Several times she’d woken during the day, thinking she’d heard a child screaming. Forget his having nightmares about last night. She was having them!

The moonlight softly illuminated the golden aspen, the leaves fluttering in the chilly breeze. She closed her eyes briefly.

She had enough nightmares to deal with without piling up any more on top of those. She had intended to stay here in the area because she hadn’t located any sign of wolves or black bears. If she ran into a black bear or wolf pack? Both predators would push a cougar out of their territory or kill him.

She hadn’t smelled either in the vicinity. Only cougars. And a lot of them. Cougars didn’t run in packs. Which was why a cougar would be at risk when encountering a wolf pack. A lone wolf was no match for a cougar’s claws and teeth. But with a lot of cougars congregating together? It had to mean they were shifters. And they kept the other big predators away. So she thought she had half a chance at surviving here. Bears and wolves would find some other place to hunt.

She’d never smelled so many cougars in one area before though and it did worry her that they’d locate her and then what? Interrogate her. Why would a female shifter run in the wilderness by herself with no camping equipment anywhere?

Even if they didn’t learn who she was, she couldn’t go to any of them and ask for help. Not in her cougar form. Without clothes, she couldn’t just walk into town naked, either. Besides, she was a wanted woman, and she was certain no one would believe her word over the rest of her boyfriend’s family. Not when Hennessey Kelly was a cop, which meant she was on her own.

The crimson sky turned to blackness and all that was left was the moon and a sprinkling of stars. Shannon rose, listened, her ears perked, trying to hear anything other than the sound of the breeze rustling the leaves down below. She heard no sign of humans and leapt down to the next ledge. Thankfully, her kind could leap eighteen feet in one bound, up or down. And horizontally? As much as forty to forty-five feet. At a sprint, she could run full out for short distances at forty to fifty miles per hour, which was what she had planned—to race back to the lake, despite discounting the idea earlier, and then take however long it took to catch her meal.

She’d made it to the second rock ledge when she saw something move in her peripheral vision. A man standing on a lower ledge off to her right, his hands reaching for his rifle, slung over his shoulder. How could he see her at dusk?

He moved quickly as if he was a military man and not just a hunter. Before she could leap at him, he fired a shot, the sound ringing in her ears, echoing across the rocks. The last thought she had as she collapsed on the rock ledge above him was that she had lived a month longer than she thought she would have ever managed.

cougar close up teeth whiskes (640x427)


As soon as the she-cat landed on the stone, asleep, hopefully, Chase struggled to reach the ledge she was lying on. If he’d been in his cougar form, no problem. But to reach her as a human, he could have used climbing gear.

He hated having to shoot her as much as it felt as if he were shooting one of his own people. But he wasn’t. He had just knocked out a wild cat protecting herself that might have killed him, based on survival instinct alone.

He grasped the top of the ledge, got a couple of toe holds with his boots, and pulled himself halfway up the rock face when he saw a naked woman lying on the granite, her back to him, and his tranquilizer dart in her shoulder. Shocking him to the core, he gaped at her. Holy shit.

Silky, dark brown, nearly black hair draped around her neck, the rest of her tan skin covered in chill bumps from the cold. Before he could climb on top of the ledge to reach her, and while he was still processing that the cougar was a shifter, and not a full she-cat, his cell phone rang.

His nerves, normally made of steel, shattered into a million fragments. He climbed up onto the ledge and hurried to pull the dart out of the woman’s shoulder, then jerked off his parka. After rushing to lay it on the ledge and then lifting her onto it, he pulled her arms into the sleeves and then buttoned it up to her throat. The parka only came to high thigh, but he couldn’t do anything about that for now. He glanced up at the cave above them, assuming she must have been staying there.

His breath coming out in a misty fog and his heart pounding hard, he made the rest of the arduous climb to reach the cave to grab her clothes and ID. He stalked inside, using his cell phone to provide some extra light as pitch black as it was in there, and found—nothing. Not a backpack, not a stitch of clothes. Certainly no ID. And she wasn’t anyone he remembered ever having seen before.

He hadn’t thought he could be shocked any further.

“God, what a nightmare.” He had to get the nearly naked, sleeping woman down the cliffs somehow. And he had to keep her warm until then.

He called Dan to give him an update. “Dan.”

“Yeah, I tried calling you to let you know the cougar headed in this direction at some point, but I haven’t found any sign of him. Have you discovered anything your way?”

“Yeah. I sure as hell did. I’m in one hell of a mess. I need your help… pronto.”


Cougar Shifter


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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Hot Vampires! Heart of the Huntress Series!

Fantasy Landscape

My first love of vampires was about Count Dracula, a play at Brevard Community College when I was thirteen and my mother took me to see it. We went to a pre-showing so they could work out all the kinks. The “fog” disappeared before the Count slipped into the floor. Count Dracula tripped over a rug twice, trying not to react to the annoying interference and keep up with his lines, but we were all laughing and he smiled the second time. Bats flew over our heads. And we had the most fun. But I was ready to offer my neck to the suave vampire, and always felt he deserved to be loved too.

But I am reasonable. My huntresses have powers of their own, fight-worthy ability, changed at the same time that vampires were during the Black Death, but just weren’t changed in the same ways that the vampires were.  It’s their calling to take down the rogues. And vampires can’t control their will like they can humans. It just wouldn’t be fair. If a huntress is going to fall for a vampire, she has to do it because she just can’t resist him as a man, not because of some hypnotic power he has. That helps to level the playing field. And I couldn’t imagine falling in love with a cold dead thing, so my vampires are hot, alive, and just live longer than most.

Deadly Liaisons is a reissue, but I’ve tied in the four vampire novels, Killing the Bloodlust (book 1), Huntress for Hire (book 2), Forbidden Love (book 3), and Deadly Liaisons (book 4) and am working on Dangerous Liaisons, (Book 5) in the Heart of the Huntress Series.  They’re about huntresses with a dark past and the hunter or vampires that turn their worlds upside down.

In the first, Killing the Bloodlust, that’s based at Fort Hood where I worked as a brand new second lieutenant. Some of what happened to her, happened to me. Staff duty, the army swimming pool qualification training–and other things, no vampires or hunters though–but it was fun to turn real life experiences into an urban fantasy world.

In Deadly Liaisons:


He resisted the dark huntress…now he’ll use all his powers to make her his own.

Tezra Campbell treads a dangerous line between her job as a telepathic investigator for the Hunter Council and her alternate life as a renegade. Beneath her cool, professional exterior lies a dark obsession to find the rogue vampire who murdered her parents ten years ago and left her sister a traumatized shell. An obsession that drives her to use herself as bait.

Daemon, former bastard prince of Scotland and now head of the American vampire clans, sees Tezra as a danger to herself and to his people. Especially if the killer vampire takes her bait. Concerned his own brother might be accused of the crime, Daemon takes Tezra into custody, intending to keep her out of the way so he can find the killer himself.

Things don’t work out the way either planned. The more she fights him with her telepathic powers, the more she stirs up his sexual bloodlust–the kind only a mate can cool. And Tezra begins to wonder…is her desire for him real, or just a way to use Daemon to find the murderer?

It’s a deadly game they both aim to win–even while they try to keep their hearts intact.

Kobo: https://store.kobobooks.com/en-us/ebook/deadly-liaisons-5

Ibooks: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/id1098071251

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Deadly-Liaisons-Vampire-Romance-Huntress-ebook/dp/B01DN3NSZE

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/626349

Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/deadly-liaisons-terry-spear/1100401347

We had days of rain while I was revising the books, perfectly moody for the vampire world. Don’t you agree?

Vampires will never die. I loved them as a kid, and still do.

fog front (640x427)

Have a great weekend!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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Hero of a Highland Wolf Giveaways!!!




herohighlandwolf-300 (487x800)




Author: Terry Spear

Release Date: August 5, 2014

Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

Genre: Paranormal Romance



The MacQuarrie werewolf clan has overseen the Playfair family’s Ardmore Castle for three centuries. So when a Playfair granddaughter from abroad inherits the estate, clan chief Grant MacQuarrie has to train her to manage it—and he’s not happy about having her in his way. Until the prim old lady he’s expecting turns out to be a sexy young wolf…



Colleen Playfair is excited and apprehensive about her new role at the castle, and she has big plans to change the way its run. But the stubborn Grant won’t make things easy, and she’s forced to turn to seduction to get her way…



Amazon – http://amzn.to/1hxh0mp

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5 Stars!!

I became hooked on shifter romances years ago and one of the people I blame for this addiction is author Terry Spear. Yes, that’s right, when I began to read Terry Spear’s Heart of the Wolf series, I was hooked. Why? Because Spear creates a fabulous, believable shifter world.


No, I didn’t start looking at my neighbors too closely (though I did wonder about that coyote/wolf that began wandering around). Seriously, though, Spear’s Heart of the Wolf series combines believable protagonists that are shifters whom I’d love to have move in next door. (Yes, quite a few hunky alphas in this group.)


In addition, Spear is a writer who makes every detail clear for her readers. We can see this Heart of the Wolf world take form in front of us with each page we turn. Each of the books include not only charismatic protagonists, but also exciting stories that keep the reader turning page after page.


This spring, I reread the entire series and enjoyed it even more as the details that thread each story and link each book to one another were so clear and well-integrated. The stories may be set in the Pacific Northwest, Colorado, Maine, or Scotland, but there are themes and characters that remain consistently as touchstones for her readers. FabFantasyFiction Emsy Van Wyck


Romantic Times, 4 Star! HOT

When it comes to paranormal romance, readers can always depend on Spear to deliver. This 14th entry in the acclaimed Heart of the Wolf series will not lee down those rabid fans of the hairy guys who howl at the moon. Hero of a Highland Wolf is guaranteed to excite, tantalize and stimulate all of your senses. And there’s kilts! Jaime A. Geraldi


Ah, those Highland wolves should just RUN when American woman arrive on their doorsteps. They really stand no chance of keeping their hearts to themselves! This is #14 in Ms. Spear’s Heart of the Wolf Series. It’s a stand alone, although you’ll probably want to read the others, because, really…SHIFTERS! Hot Highland SHIFTERS!

Colleen arrives at the castle that she’s inherited. She’s been forewarned by her best friend that the manager, Grant, of the property is going to try and scare her off. Not that a whole bunch of Highland warriors, wearing kilts and swinging broadswords, would cause her to scarper off. Nope, she’s tickled at all the shirtless and oiled men that fill her courtyard.

She is surprised that the men are all shifters. Her father, a jackass if there ever was one, had griped that they were all human.

Once again there are some steamy times as these two work to find their way together. There’s a party, with a pirate theme, that had me giggling.

Yep, the Highland wolves should just roll over and show their soft underbellies when the American women come to them. I will definitely be reading more from Terry Spear. Good then she’s so prolific!

Kathie Spitz

Fresh Fiction!

I believe that any reader who wants to enjoy an action packed, sizzling romance will enjoy HERO OF A HIGHLAND WOLF … the shifter aspect isn’t overblown, in fact until they shifted to fight at one point    I had forgotten it was a paranormal. It is a fantastic love story plain and simple and one I plan to put in my keeper shelf. by: Annetta Sweetko

Back to writing!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”


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Night Owl Romance Review of Cougar’s Mate!

Loved the review for Cougar’s Mate!

Cougar's Mate

Buy Now

Cougar’s Mate

Heart of the Cougar, #1

Cougar Mate is the first book in a brand new and exciting paranormal series from author Terry Spear. As usual, she did an outstanding job with this book. I just can’t get enough of her shifter novels, and this one was no different. This time around the author explores the cougar shifter world, and she made it every bit as exciting as her wolves and jaguars. It was a great read that I enjoyed. Spear easily pulled me into the story with her wonderful characters and vivid descriptions. I had a hard time putting this one down.




Happy reading!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”


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The Reviews are Coming in Fast and Furious! Jaguar Hunt Released Today!

And I missed a blog I was at yesterday. I was on two others, then got all these reviews and so I began sending notices on them, and then remembered I hadn’t written up my newsletter for the new release and….:)

Plus, I was working on A SEAL Wolf for Sale revisions after 3 of my beta readers read it.

So here’s the missed blog. Sure there will be a bunch more today, but got to get back to revising.

http://sosaloha.blogspot.com/2014/06/aloha-to-terry-spear-and-jaguar-hunt.html I did a guest blog for Kim and she had taken a lovely picture of me and Roxanne St Claire, who was a wonderful book signing friend. We had a lovely time! 🙂  Also a giveaway at Kim’s blog!!!!

Terry and Roxanne St. Claire at the Giant Book Fair



Jaguar Hunt

I love that this book is set in Belize. It is one of my favorite vacation spots. Ironically enough, I read this book on my anniversary. We went to Belize on our honeymoon so the timing was appropriate. I could easily visualize their hotel and the jungle scenes. One of my favorite things about the country is that it is not overdeveloped, and the rainforest is plentiful; A great place for jaguar shifters. It is a beautiful nation and the perfect setting for this novel.

Jaguar Hunt is an action pact book with a praiseworthy plot. There were a lot of mystery and excitement, and everything was written in a believable manner. I enjoyed all the characters. Terry Spear did a great job with the character development and plot. In addition, her writing style is noteworthy.http://dianes-book.blogspot.com/2014/06/terry-spears-jaguar-hunt-book-blitz.html


Review: Jaguar Hunt by Terry SpearJaguar Hunt Series: Heart of the Jaguar #3
by Terry Spear
Published by Sourcebooks, Sourcebooks Casablanca on June 2014
Genres: Paranormal, Romance, Shape Shifters
Format: eARC
Source: Net Galley

David and Tammy are such fun characters that I hated that their story had to end! Hopefully, they’ll make guest appearances in future books in the Heart of the Jaguar series as I love their interplay with one another. However, teenagers Alex and Nate almost steal the show entirely with their hilarious antics. I can’t wait to see what kind of JAG agents they make!


Terry Spear captures every element perfectly in JAGUAR HUNT. From the world building to the character development, JAGUAR HUNT has it all! Terry Spear’s smooth writing style and vivid descriptions are simply breathtaking. I’ve traveled to Belize once before and Terry Spear made me want to return immediately just to once again savor the beauty she so accurately depicts.  JAGUAR HUNT is highly recommended!http://www.ck2skwipsandkritiques.com/2014/05/31/review-jaguar-hunt-by-terry-spear/


Jaguar Hunt is the third book in the Heart of the Jaguar series. I just loved the plot of this one and had such a difficult time putting it down. While it is possible to read this book as a standalone and totally enjoy it, I would recommend that if you are a fan of contemporary paranormal romance that you should just read this wonderful series. I have and I am so looking forward to the next book! http://paulettespapers.com/?p=7676#comment-18718


They say it takes a thief to catch a thief, well in this case, it takes a couple of special agent jaguar shapeshifters to catch some naughty teen shifters who might have something to do with a missing jaguar. Agents David Patterson and Tammy Anderson track the pair to Belize but things aren’t quite as simple as they initially seemed.

Both leads have quite a colourful romantic past with past lovers that crop up in their investigation. I guess that since the shifter world is fairly small, it makes sense that there would be some overlap. The romance between Tammy and David worked well with the sexual tension leading to a solid partnership. There was an air of playfulness in many of their interactions as both jaguars and humans which reflected their feline natures nicely. In many romance novels there is one clear villain but here Spear went out of her way to create a pool of likely suspects and difficult to interview. I appreciated this attention to detail as it made the investigation more robust.

I enjoyed this novel and was able to get up to speed pretty quickly even though I hadn’t read the first two – something I’ll be quickly remedying. If you’re in the mood for a flirty and fun PNR, you should definitely give this a shot. http://www.backchattingbooks.com/reviews/jaguar-hunt-by-terry-spear/#comment-16747


Okay, I’m off to work on revising A SEAL Wolf for Sale some more. I’m behind on writing on Her Highland Hero. *sigh* But only so many hours in a day!

Have a super great Tuesday! It is Tuesday, right???


Purchase Link:



“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”



The Blog Tour Has Begun!!!

First, a fun review for The Deadly Fae!
12062039Title: The Deadly Fae
Series: The World of Fae #2
Author: Terry Spear
Published: 08-23-13 by Terry Spear
Narrated by: Jeanne Whitehouse
Length: 5 hrs and 1 min
Links: Goodreads | Amazon | Kindle | Audible | B&N
Source: Author
Reviewer: Linda
Rating: 5/5

I loved it! This is the 2nd book I’ve enjoyed from Terry’s World of Fae series and it’s just as magical a tale as the 1st one! As with the 1st story, this tale would also be perfect for tweens and teens . BUT… it’s not just for the young. I really enjoyed it, too, and I’m in my 60s.

The plot was an enchanting and original treasure. Lady Sessily, an ultra-talented dark fae hunter assassin, is on an assignment when she encounters an obstacle to her plan. That obstacle is a tall, dark and handsome cobra fae who believes that he is gallantly protecting a young boy when he interferes with Lady Sessily’s mark. Lady Sessily has to devise a new plan and the same cobra fae is an obstacle again! Then their path cross yet a third time! She can’t seem to stay off his radar! By this time, she doesn’t know whether she wants to kiss him, slap him or kill him! 
I almost died laughing at parts.  It’s all good, clean fun.
“We’ve already slept together and you made no objection.” 
Bottomline: This book is a perfect blend of YA romance, fantasy and unending excitement! It left me amazed, dazed and with a warm fuzzy feeling! Terry’s World of Fae ROCKS!
And then it’s my birthday and my son sent me flowers, so I have to show them off:
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IMG_6089 (427x640)And, then the blog tour first stops:

“We’d like to welcome Terry Spear to TGTBTU today – it’s the first time she’s been featured here. That’s not because we haven’t tried to schedule something for her. She’s that popular with readers. If you’re not quick, you lose out. We finally got lucky!

Her wolf and jaguar shifters are some of the best in romanceland, and if you haven’t read any of her books yet, you need to pick one up soon. They’re that good. Get lost in a world where family is a priority, they take care of each other through everything Ms. Spear throws at them, and love may sometimes come the long away around, but you know it will be worth the wait when it finally hits.

So have some fun with Terry today. Then take a trip to your favorite book store to begin an unexpected journey with sexy heroes and sassy heroines who get growl-y and furry and love to romp through the woods.”

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“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”




Ever Need a URL for a Picture?

Cougars Mate FINAL 11292013 copy

I have to have a URL link for this cover to submit it to a magazine for a review. And guess what? The only ones I have showcased on my blogs and website is the 3-D one.

So, I think I have to publish this to have a URL.

And that’s why you get to see this beautiful cover for no other reason.


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New Review of Silence of the Wolf by Romance Junkies!


Dottie‘s review 

Mar 16, 14


An action-packed paranormal romantic suspense, SILENCE OF THE WOLF, the thirteenth novel in award winning author Terry Spear’s HEART OF THE WOLF series, will sweep you up into the storyline right from the very first page. Tom and Elizabeth are both alphas and there is an undeniable connection between them. Before long, they are heating up the pages as danger pursues Elizabeth. Not only is her family in the area, there is also the question of four brothers who were once part of the pack until Darien killed their father. Are they the ones behind the missing livestock, or is it her uncle and half-brother? Are the brothers back for retribution or for some other reason?

With non-stop action, thrilling suspense, danger, a beautiful setting, well-drawn characters, this story will keep readers guessing right up to the very satisfying ending. The secondary plot of the four brothers also provides additional depth and appeal to the story. Although this is the thirteenth novel in this series, it can easily be read as a standalone. Since the first time I picked up one of Ms. Spear’s books, I have been a fan. She never disappoints and keeps the adrenaline steadily climbing with each book. If you are looking for a terrific story with plenty of the paranormal, mystery, romance, humor and heat, look no further than SILENCE OF THE WOLF. A wonderfully entertaining novel!

Dottie, RomanceJunkies.com


Okay, back to work on A SEAL Wolf for Sale. Five-thousand words done, 75,000 to go! 🙂 Seems like a lot, but if I break it down into 10,000 word weeks, not so bad….

a seal wolf for sale copy (640x597)

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“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”