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My first love of vampires was about Count Dracula, a play at Brevard Community College when I was thirteen and my mother took me to see it. We went to a pre-showing so they could work out all the kinks. The “fog” disappeared before the Count slipped into the floor. Count Dracula tripped over a rug twice, trying not to react to the annoying interference and keep up with his lines, but we were all laughing and he smiled the second time. Bats flew over our heads. And we had the most fun. But I was ready to offer my neck to the suave vampire, and always felt he deserved to be loved too.

But I am reasonable. My huntresses have powers of their own, fight-worthy ability, changed at the same time that vampires were during the Black Death, but just weren’t changed in the same ways that the vampires were.  It’s their calling to take down the rogues. And vampires can’t control their will like they can humans. It just wouldn’t be fair. If a huntress is going to fall for a vampire, she has to do it because she just can’t resist him as a man, not because of some hypnotic power he has. That helps to level the playing field. And I couldn’t imagine falling in love with a cold dead thing, so my vampires are hot, alive, and just live longer than most.

Deadly Liaisons is a reissue, but I’ve tied in the four vampire novels, Killing the Bloodlust (book 1), Huntress for Hire (book 2), Forbidden Love (book 3), and Deadly Liaisons (book 4) and am working on Dangerous Liaisons, (Book 5) in the Heart of the Huntress Series.  They’re about huntresses with a dark past and the hunter or vampires that turn their worlds upside down.

In the first, Killing the Bloodlust, that’s based at Fort Hood where I worked as a brand new second lieutenant. Some of what happened to her, happened to me. Staff duty, the army swimming pool qualification training–and other things, no vampires or hunters though–but it was fun to turn real life experiences into an urban fantasy world.

In Deadly Liaisons:


He resisted the dark huntress…now he’ll use all his powers to make her his own.

Tezra Campbell treads a dangerous line between her job as a telepathic investigator for the Hunter Council and her alternate life as a renegade. Beneath her cool, professional exterior lies a dark obsession to find the rogue vampire who murdered her parents ten years ago and left her sister a traumatized shell. An obsession that drives her to use herself as bait.

Daemon, former bastard prince of Scotland and now head of the American vampire clans, sees Tezra as a danger to herself and to his people. Especially if the killer vampire takes her bait. Concerned his own brother might be accused of the crime, Daemon takes Tezra into custody, intending to keep her out of the way so he can find the killer himself.

Things don’t work out the way either planned. The more she fights him with her telepathic powers, the more she stirs up his sexual bloodlust–the kind only a mate can cool. And Tezra begins to wonder…is her desire for him real, or just a way to use Daemon to find the murderer?

It’s a deadly game they both aim to win–even while they try to keep their hearts intact.





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We had days of rain while I was revising the books, perfectly moody for the vampire world. Don’t you agree?

Vampires will never die. I loved them as a kid, and still do.

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“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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