I thought…

Have you ever thought–oh, this is going to be a piece of cake, and it wasn’t?

Okay, I thought I was reading through the final proof of A Silver Wolf Christmas. It isn’t. *sigh* It’s the one BEFORE that. No problem, but it’s a little more work than the final one which is the mocked up version of the real live book. Which I love. I really get to read it for enjoyment then.

I was looking for my A Silver Wolf Christmas picture and realized I don’t have one yet. They had to redo it, so still waiting on the approved version.

Dragon Fae

Dragons love to hoard.

Dragon Fae audiobook was just released.

Anyway, so I’ve got 210 pages to go. Hey, no, I wasn’t running around collecting Easter bunny eggs, though I discovered my adorable puppies are collecting them. Maybe not Easter bunny eggs, but they are round, and the bunnies leave them behind. And the puppies think they are as good as treats. Argh. Dogs will be dogs.

But I did spend the majority of the day proofing the audiobook for Hawk Fae. It was 5+ hours long, which meant with all the puppy breaks I had to take, it was closer to 8 hours long. Now, I have to wait until the narrator fixes the mistakes, and then I can approve it, pay her, she releases it, and it’s in final review to be available to the public.

Hawk Fae book 6 eyes (532x800)

I’ve been trying to avoid going to a bunch of Facebook parties because I’ve got so much writing to do, plus I now have 2 more bear orders to do and another conference to go to.

So what do I do? I agree to do two on the same day! Tomorrow. *sigh* They’re fun, but time-consuming, and I need to get Silver Wolf Christmas edits done, get back to She-Wolf, and make two bears.

So tomorrow, I’ll be here:

Giving away 3 autographed books at Vonnie’s new release party. I’ll be there from 2-3 CST on April 7. But prizes are being given away all day, and who doesn’t want to read Vonnie’s hot Highland bears, eh? She is also giving away a Matheson Clan Bear, so be sure to attend and growl your delight! https://www.facebook.com/events/1627811187442281/

April 7 Giveaway at Brooklyn Ann’s new release party tomorrow at https://www.facebook.com/events/805733069505753/ This is for Pacific Time, so I will be on from 5-5:30, CST for me.

flower weeds 007 (640x427)

Wildflowers in bloom

And that’s it! With 214 pages left to go on A Silver Wolf Christmas, I’ll be busy! But I also have been writing a little on She-Wolf, still working on word count, and the rest of the story.

Have a super great Monday! 🙂

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