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Nearing the End…

Last night before I hunkered down to work on the story some more, I made a video of one of my earlier Silver Town wolf books. I thought I had made one for all of the books, but I hadn’t.

They’re fun for me to make, a small visual to show what the book is about. I worked until midnight on the story, adding 4,000 words. I’m over word count and still working on it. I wanted to finish it. Wanted to see the happily ever after. Wanted to have it where I could now read a whole book and fix any mistakes I need to fix. Because the end is never really the end.


I wanted to sleep this morning, because I was up so late, but Max wanted me to get up. Ugh. It’s usually Tanner who will let me know I’ve been sleeping too long. It was only 6:30, for heaven’s sake. 🙂 But this little sleeping dragon has it right. Snoozing among the dianthus. Every fairy garden needs a dragon, don’t you know?

Off to write! The end is near!

Have a great one!

Terry Spear

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Who Said it Was Break Time?

Last night when I was at Max’s dog obedience training, the new instructor said to give our dogs a break every time they were through with a phase of training. So one of the ladies took her dog for a bathroom break. But the instructor didn’t mean that kind of a break. He meant to teach the dog that a break meant the dog was done with that phase of training. Now there was a pause between the other dogs finishing theirs and then doing the next training, and that was their “break.”

I told her when she returned with her German shepherd that he didn’t really mean she got to take a break. We laughed.

Max’s nose is to the ground the whole time. So during our breaks–I started to hold him and he loves the cuddle time. And it makes it a real break for him. He watches the other dogs and their owners in their work instead of concentrating on what’s on the ground. Food, dirt, cigarette butts, tons of other trash. And lots and lots and lots of smells. Which means constantly discouraging him, and making him stay by my side, which wears both of us out.

He did really great. Sat, placed, walked, sat, walked, placed, sat. He was very good about it while moving from cot to cot. But when we had to do down, ugh. I really have to work on that. Max doesn’t like lying down unless he’s going to sleep. He’s a sitter. He does great at sitting. I had to entice him with a treat to go down, though I wouldn’t give it to him because he wouldn’t do it on his own. When he did with one command, I gave him the treat. But it’s definitely something I need to work on.

Then there’s me, and a break. I have the proof book for Phantom Fae to read all the way through today. So I’m starting on that in a couple of minutes. But I do better with coming up with a new story if I have a cover. So here’s the new book, when I have time to write it.

I don’t know when I’ll get to it, but last night, just by being able to have a cover, I was able to start coming up with an idea: Not only do the dragon fae have an innate need to hoard gold. So do the Golden Fae. What happens when the two tangle?

Golden Fae

I was also thinking about the next vampire book in the Blood Moon series.


No wonder why I’m not getting enough sleep at night. I can’t shut down the part of my mind that is working on story ideas. So in Kiss of the Vampire, I have the Welsh princes fleeing back to Wales after the Dallas League of Vampires wants their heads. Well, they’re in trouble in Wales too, but maybe it’s been enough decades for no one to know or care of the problems they created there.

Nah. Vampires live long lives. Some hold long grudges. This is Stasio’s story. He is the historian of the bunch, loving all things historical, and everyone gets on him about living in the past. Their past. Humans don’t know the vampires exist. And the vampires keep a low profile. Most of them do. But that’s what gets these princes into so much trouble. If they see humans in trouble, they can’t help but want to aid the good, and defeat the bad when they are supposed to let the humans deal with their own issues on their own.

Now they have a witch among them, strictly American, yet they had to take her with them because of the problems they created on a spring break cruise.

They have no idea how this is all going to play out when they run into something they’d never heard of before, never knew about–a huntress who is determined to eliminate their kind.


Kiss of the Vampire

(Blood Moon Series, Book 1)

Category: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Romance » Fantasy

The motto of the vampires is that humans have to deal with problems on their own. But when Levka and his friends risk all to save human girls, he is injured and so the adventure begins. A cruise. A human girl who is terrified of water. And a vampire who has targeted her for his mate. But she has some secrets of her own.

Forced to take a cruise ship to babysit her foster sister, Caitlin has to face her own demons. But add to that her foster sister’s and her friend’s antics and Caitlin’s inability to use her witch’s magic over water and she has little hope to enjoy this trip. Until she meets a wheelchair-bound teen and wants to make friends with him in the worst way.

Levka and his friends make a hasty retreat from Dallas before the vampire elders stake them for getting involved in human affairs–again. But when he meets Caitlin on the cruise ship, hating that he’s so weak after being injured so severely that he has to use a wheelchair, he finds their troubles have just begun.

Kiss of the Vampire - Terry Spear

But for now, it’s back to proofing Phantom Fae! 🙂

Have a lovely Tuesday!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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When Finishing One Goal is Impossible…

Switch to another. Really. Do it. Don’t say, okay, do a little happy dance, because you can’t accomplish the one goal in just that instant, or pull out your hair… jump on another goal you need to accomplish! You’ll feel better. Really. You’ll get something else done.

Can you tell I’m a workaholic? Well, and have so many deadlines. If I didn’t, I’d goof off more. Maybe.

Late yesterday afternoon I was near the end of proofing Phantom Fae. I was soooooooo close to the end. I wanted to finish it and send it off to the narrator so she could update it. I wanted to be able to relisten to the changes and approve it, pay her, and have another project hanging over my head–finished, done, completed. Because I have a stack of other projects I HAVE to get done. Soon. On deadline.

So what does it do? Storms. Thunder. Lightning. Pouring rain. The works. My computer kept flickering on and off, but I was so desperate to finish. I finally finished, went to send her the final changes, no Internet.

Okay, so that’s fine. I have 8 bears stacked up waiting for me to work on them. Though I was multi-tasking when I was listening to the audiobooks, jointing, then stuffing bears at the same time.

But I still had a ton of work to do on them. Still do. But they’re getting closer to being done. This morning, still trying to get the one book finished up to approve. The narrator hasn’t pressed a button to allow me to approve it yet. The other is DONE. And this morning, I’m working on marketing materials for one of the books I need to write. Still clueless about the other, but I’m making some headway on this one. 🙂 But wait, what color was Everett’s eyes and hair? And will the missing cub be a female or male? Always the questions.

Have a terrific TGIF!!!

I’m off to have some more fun with goals. What about you?

Oh, and news!!!! For the first time ever, two of my wolf books are going into audio! Can’t wait!!!

Silver Wolf Christmas-300 500 x750SEALWolfHunting_catalog

AND, now Dragon Fae and Hawk Fae are in audiobooks!

Hawk Fae book 6 eyes (532x800)


Dragon Fae

Dragons love to hoard.


Okay, Phantom Fae approved, paid for and done. Now it has to go into review and then it will be ready for sale!

Phantom Fae

AND, The Highlander is on sale for 99 cents for a very short time!!

Highlander11 (539x800)


Okay, REALLY back to work! 🙂 <3

Terry “Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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I thought…

Have you ever thought–oh, this is going to be a piece of cake, and it wasn’t?

Okay, I thought I was reading through the final proof of A Silver Wolf Christmas. It isn’t. *sigh* It’s the one BEFORE that. No problem, but it’s a little more work than the final one which is the mocked up version of the real live book. Which I love. I really get to read it for enjoyment then.

I was looking for my A Silver Wolf Christmas picture and realized I don’t have one yet. They had to redo it, so still waiting on the approved version.

Dragon Fae

Dragons love to hoard.

Dragon Fae audiobook was just released.

Anyway, so I’ve got 210 pages to go. Hey, no, I wasn’t running around collecting Easter bunny eggs, though I discovered my adorable puppies are collecting them. Maybe not Easter bunny eggs, but they are round, and the bunnies leave them behind. And the puppies think they are as good as treats. Argh. Dogs will be dogs.

But I did spend the majority of the day proofing the audiobook for Hawk Fae. It was 5+ hours long, which meant with all the puppy breaks I had to take, it was closer to 8 hours long. Now, I have to wait until the narrator fixes the mistakes, and then I can approve it, pay her, she releases it, and it’s in final review to be available to the public.

Hawk Fae book 6 eyes (532x800)

I’ve been trying to avoid going to a bunch of Facebook parties because I’ve got so much writing to do, plus I now have 2 more bear orders to do and another conference to go to.

So what do I do? I agree to do two on the same day! Tomorrow. *sigh* They’re fun, but time-consuming, and I need to get Silver Wolf Christmas edits done, get back to She-Wolf, and make two bears.

So tomorrow, I’ll be here:

Giving away 3 autographed books at Vonnie’s new release party. I’ll be there from 2-3 CST on April 7. But prizes are being given away all day, and who doesn’t want to read Vonnie’s hot Highland bears, eh? She is also giving away a Matheson Clan Bear, so be sure to attend and growl your delight! https://www.facebook.com/events/1627811187442281/

April 7 Giveaway at Brooklyn Ann’s new release party tomorrow at https://www.facebook.com/events/805733069505753/ This is for Pacific Time, so I will be on from 5-5:30, CST for me.

flower weeds 007 (640x427)

Wildflowers in bloom

And that’s it! With 214 pages left to go on A Silver Wolf Christmas, I’ll be busy! But I also have been writing a little on She-Wolf, still working on word count, and the rest of the story.

Have a super great Monday! 🙂

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
Connect with Terry Spear: Website: http://www.terryspear.com
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/421434.Terry_Spear
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TerrySpearParanormalRomantics
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TerrySpear
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Jaguar Fever is Out Today!



I’ve been inundated with links today, where I’m at, so I’m going to list them here. I may end up updating them again later. 🙂 I have reheated my water for my tea twice, and still haven’t had a sip! LOL It’s going to be a wild romp through the jaguar jungle!

Jessie’s Review on USA TODAY

“I love cat shifters, so Jaguar Fever was a fun read, and although I didn’t read the first book, Savage Hunger, I understood the storyline, though I will be going back to read the first. Wade (hero) is also hot, very alpha and has a laser focus when it comes to Maya. As with all of Terry’s books, the love scenes are hot and blush-worthy. Her Heart of the Wolf series is also steamy.”

And Sara and I are at USA TODAY also here!

Sara Humphreys vs. Terry Spear: Vampire/shifter Smackdown

Virginia Campbell has this to say on her review of Jaguar Fever:

USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear has captured hearts worldwide by wrapping the realities of nature into the glorious romance of the wild. Now, she turns her award-winning imagination from the sexy werewolf hunt to the intense sizzle of jaguar shape-shifters.

And I have a contest going at Literal Addiction today.

On the @AmazonKindle Daily Post is a Q&A with paranormal romance author @TerrySpear Find out what inspires her shapeshifter novels!



And I think that’s all for the minute! 🙂

Happy Release Day to Maya and Wade!!! And am waiting to hear how you love them!

Praise for Savage Hunger:
“Dark, sultry, and primal romance…will leave readers breathless.”
—Fresh Fiction
“Humor, tenderness, and pure hot loving…an awesome and exciting new world.”
—Long and Short Reviews, 5 stars
“A sizzling page-turner, Terry Spear is wickedly talented.”
—Night Owl Reviews Reviewer Top Pick, 5 Stars
“Spear paints a colorful, vivid portrait of the lush jungle and deadly beauty…of jaguars.”
—Publishers Weekly
USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear has written over fifty paranormal romance novels and medieval Highland historical romances. In 2008 Heart of the Wolf was named a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year. A retired officer of the U.S. Army Reserves, Terry also creates award-winning teddy bears that have found homes all over the world. She lives in Crawford, Texas. For more information, please visit www.TerrySpear.com, follow her on Twitter, @TerrySpear, and like her on Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/terry.spear.
To Purchase Jaguar Fever:

Okay, off to really do something, like…. finally get that first cup of tea! LOL 🙂 Have a super day!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”


Jaguar Fever Releases Tomorrow! & Amazon Interview!

Though most stores already have them in stock!

And the post is up with the Q/A from Amazon’s interview of me at RWA Nationals if you’d like to check it out!


Also was working on a new cover for Goddess in Training. It’s a short novella, but I wanted to show more what it’s about, so I changed covers for the story. What do you think? I’m also working on a new one for the Genie’s Wish. Hopefully, that one will be just as beautiful. 🙂

What do you think? This is only 99 cents at B&N and Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, etc. so if you want a fun, quirky, sexy read… it’s yours for under a dollar! Cheaper than that Starbucks coffee fix!

In a game of the gods, librarian Lisandra, who has never been loved, is chosen to be the goddess of fertility. The demi-god of pleasure, Assarian is ordered by Zeus to train her in the hallowed halls of Mount Olympus to prove to his wife, Hera, goddess of marriage, mortals and immortals alike only need be physically satisfied to find fulfillment, to which Hera disagrees—all creatures must have love to be whole. ~~~I loved Greek Mythology when I was growing up, but just like with werewolves and vampires, I wanted to see a happily ever after between the Greek Gods and Goddesses and the mortals they toyed with. 
Goddess in Training

A novella

Goddess in Training Old Cover

Old Cover for Novella

And this one for $1.99: Seducing the Huntress

The vampire Sarzoven and his sister are bored with life so a death-defying game of seducing the huntress is an attempt at eliminating boredom. But Miranda isn’t about to be seduced by the vampire no matter how sexy he is, not when he’s on her terminal list. Sarzoven soon realizes she’s a dark huntress, who doesn’t eliminate a rogue vampire until she’s sure he or she is truly a renegade.

So why is he on her list? Now he must convince her to remove him from her elimination schedule before she decides he really is a rogue. Miranda knows she can’t permit the vampire from swaying her from her mission, but soon she finds she’s on someone else’s list. But who’s behind this twisted game that’s bound to stir up vampire and hunter hatred alike? And can the huntress and vampire overcome their age old distrust of one another before it’s too late?

Seducing the Huntress

A novella

Seducing the Huntress, old cover

A novella


B&N Nook

And I continued to work on The Highlander!

And I started on Guthrie’s story. But I had to stop because a red hornet was attacking me. See why I like to write about adventure and suspense? I have it in my own house! 🙂

I’ll be shipping off some contest wins later this afternoon! And approved two more audio books, so they’ll be going into final review now: The Deadly Fae and The Accidental Highland Hero. Taming of the Wild Highlander should be out soon.

Have a lovely Monday!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

Winners for Last Week & What’s Coming Next!

I have over 12,000 written for The Highlander! Just had to get that out of the way. Excited. Need to begin writing A Highland Wolf Christmas also.

The Highlander

She’s the one he’s looking for, but she denies it.

Can’t wait to show off the cover for A Highland Wolf Christmas also. And A Hero of a Highland Wolf! They’re working on them and they’re GORGEOUS.

I’ll be going to the readers’ conference, Authors After Dark, soon in Savannah, Georgia. I’ll be doing a variety of things–taking a steamboat ride, going on a ghost hunter’s tour–using paranormal equipment, attending a vampire’s ball, an elemental ball, and I just learned we have to dress up for a formal event. And I’ll be speaking of 4 panels about historical stuff, paranormal stuff, military stuff and other stuff.

I’ll probably wear something like this for the formal like I wore at the Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Southern Gothic Ball in Atlanta at Nationals.

You know, the usual stuff! For a paranormal author who is attending a readers’ conference for paranormal types.

Isn’t that fun???

The problem always is–what do you wear???

It’s not your usual–it’s going to be hot out, dress cool and comfortable type of event for a summer visit to a southern state.

Unfortunately, my clothes for one won’t do for another. *sigh*

Unless I was a real vampire and just wore my vampire black evening wear to the formal ball. If anyone wanted to take me to task for wearing the same formal attire, I’d just bare my very real fangs.

Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Conference, New Orleans. Who says you can’t catch the image of a vampire??? Complements of Bonnie and her special effects camera. Who, by the way, is off to another ghostly adventure. Last time she and I got together, we witnessed the bouncing truck in front of one haunted building in New Orleans.


My elemental costume isn’t dressy enough, or vampirish enough to wear to the formal and none of them are dressed down enough to wear on the steamboat ride or the ghoulish walk through the cemetery looking for ghostly spirits.

And that means–I’m still trying to figure out my wardrobe, hoping I haven’t forgotten everything I’m supposed to bring for other events and such!

In the meantime, I’m back to the blog tour tomorrow and more giveaways to come!

But before that, I wished to announce some winners for this week:

Samantha Corr won an ebook copy of Highland Rake–she was the only one who commented yesterday! Need email.

Denise Van Plew &
Stephanie F  won a copy of a signed Jaguar Fever, need home addresses to send them to.

lisaguertin can have a copy of an audiobook, your choice, need email.

Winner of the ebook copy of The Dark Fae:
Judi S, need email

Winner of a signed copy of Savage Hunger: heathercm2001, need home address to send it to

So keep dropping by and commenting, and you can have a chance to win also!

If you’ve won prizes and need to contact me send an email to: terryspear (at) ymail (dot) com

Have a super great Sunday!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

Another Giveaway!–Brooklyn Ann’s Blog

Waterfall at Galveston’s Moody Gardens

Tuesday Jaguar Fever releases!!! If you’ve read Savage Hunger and you see a waterfall, what does it remind you of? Well, no waterfall scenes like that in Jaguar Fever, but the cats still love to play in water. And in Jaguar Hunt, there is a waterfall scene!  But much, much different from Savage Hunger’s. But I’m not telling…

I’m here today at Brooklyn Ann’s site talking about researching big cats with a free giveaway–signed copy of Savage Hunger!

So be sure and drop by and comment!

I just finished the 2nd round of edits on Silence of the Wolf–*sigh* Tom…

And I’m off to a new adventure. Hmm, I keep thinking of Highlanders of old, of hawk fae, and of Guthrie MacNeill and Calla Stewart and how they’re going to first start out their story.

Which means even though I finished A Hero of a Highland Wolf, which is with readers now, I’m totally back to the beginning.

Starting the books. 🙂

Have a super Saturday!! And be sure to drop by and comment on Brooklyn’s blog for a chance at a signed copy of Savage Hunger!

And for everyone who comments on my blog here today, a chance at winning an ebook copy of Highland Rake!

So my question to you, if you’ve been reading the Highland Medieval stories, The Highlander is about the MacNeill’s cousin, and he needs to find the love of his life. Course, he only is thinking of adventure, fighting, a guy thing. Marrying a sweet lassie is the farthermost thing from his mind. What do you think will help change his mind?

If you’re reading the wolf stories, Guthrie is attending one of Calla’s parties she gets paid to coordinate–acting as her bodyguard along with a couple of other of his clansmen. This is in Scotland, so what kind of party should it be?

If you’re reading the YA fae series, who do you think the dragon fae should end up with?

And that’s it! I’m off to spread the word about the giveaways, start a story, and hope you all have a lovely Saturday!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”