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Waterfall at Galveston’s Moody Gardens

Tuesday Jaguar Fever releases!!! If you’ve read Savage Hunger and you see a waterfall, what does it remind you of? Well, no waterfall scenes like that in Jaguar Fever, but the cats still love to play in water. And in Jaguar Hunt, there is a waterfall scene!  But much, much different from Savage Hunger’s. But I’m not telling…

I’m here today at Brooklyn Ann’s site talking about researching big cats with a free giveaway–signed copy of Savage Hunger!

So be sure and drop by and comment!

I just finished the 2nd round of edits on Silence of the Wolf–*sigh* Tom…

And I’m off to a new adventure. Hmm, I keep thinking of Highlanders of old, of hawk fae, and of Guthrie MacNeill and Calla Stewart and how they’re going to first start out their story.

Which means even though I finished A Hero of a Highland Wolf, which is with readers now, I’m totally back to the beginning.

Starting the books. 🙂

Have a super Saturday!! And be sure to drop by and comment on Brooklyn’s blog for a chance at a signed copy of Savage Hunger!

And for everyone who comments on my blog here today, a chance at winning an ebook copy of Highland Rake!

So my question to you, if you’ve been reading the Highland Medieval stories, The Highlander is about the MacNeill’s cousin, and he needs to find the love of his life. Course, he only is thinking of adventure, fighting, a guy thing. Marrying a sweet lassie is the farthermost thing from his mind. What do you think will help change his mind?

If you’re reading the wolf stories, Guthrie is attending one of Calla’s parties she gets paid to coordinate–acting as her bodyguard along with a couple of other of his clansmen. This is in Scotland, so what kind of party should it be?

If you’re reading the YA fae series, who do you think the dragon fae should end up with?

And that’s it! I’m off to spread the word about the giveaways, start a story, and hope you all have a lovely Saturday!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”



4 thoughts on “Another Giveaway!–Brooklyn Ann’s Blog

  1. For the wolf stories about the kind of party I would say maybe not another wedding because she has already proven she can do those but maybe a family reunion or something?

    • I agree, Samantha! I hadn’t thought of a family reunion. That might work. I was thinking that someone got drunk and caused her trouble. Do people get drunk at family reunions? Have no family, so never have anything like that.

      • Oh yes that happens all the time at my family reunions! Hahaha! Could totally work

  2. LOL, okay, sounds great. I know it happens at weddings! I was watching a funny wedding video show where whole groups of people dancing at the wedding, including the bride and groom would fall. 🙂

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