Nearing the End…

Last night before I hunkered down to work on the story some more, I made a video of one of my earlier Silver Town wolf books. I thought I had made one for all of the books, but I hadn’t.

They’re fun for me to make, a small visual to show what the book is about. I worked until midnight on the story, adding 4,000 words. I’m over word count and still working on it. I wanted to finish it. Wanted to see the happily ever after. Wanted to have it where I could now read a whole book and fix any mistakes I need to fix. Because the end is never really the end.


I wanted to sleep this morning, because I was up so late, but Max wanted me to get up. Ugh. It’s usually Tanner who will let me know I’ve been sleeping too long. It was only 6:30, for heaven’s sake. 🙂 But this little sleeping dragon has it right. Snoozing among the dianthus. Every fairy garden needs a dragon, don’t you know?

Off to write! The end is near!

Have a great one!

Terry Spear

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