Tiger Mix Ganzania & the Fairy Princess

These flowers are all from the same plant. Aren’t they pretty? I like variety. In my reading, gardening, life. It’s what makes life interesting.

We walked five miles with baby yesterday, and when we got home, I was determined to take a picture of her as soon as I could get her to sleep.

The fae claim she’s theirs. She was “dancing” around on the quilt, no sleeping for photos, grandma. I was afraid I had blurred arms and legs, but they turned out well. She recognizes me, but with a camera in place of my face, she was kind of wondering what that was all about. 🙂


My dad used to say, “You’re getting sleepy,” in a hypnotic way, which just made us laugh. I use it on baby, but it doesn’t work on her either.

red daylily 900 003

As promised, here is the red daylily that was the rescue plant from the hardware store. I think it’s my favorite daylily! I had no idea what I had brought home. It didn’t flower, but you can see it’s ready to bud out all over. 🙂

Okay, off to write before it’s grandbaby time.

Have a great one!!!

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2 thoughts on “Tiger Mix Ganzania & the Fairy Princess

  1. I first fell in love with Asian lillies and have quite a few. As lovely as they are I hate they only bloom once per season I now have several different day lillies as well. Love that they bloom until frost Sent from my iPhone


    • That’s why I didn’t get them before!! But I figure with a mix of both, it will help. The same with azaleas. I picked up some pretty purple ones, but I want to get some that bloom 3 times a year.

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