It’s Fun, but…

A mass of daylillies on our walk, zinnia from seed, just beginning to bloom, never tried them before, and a sunflower from seeds the birds dropped.

I love all the colorful flowers, but yesterday, I was digging up a lot of weeds, and my neighbor even came over and helped! I need to get more bark mulch to keep the weeds from coming back.

In the backyard, I’m digging up grass to create a new flowerbed. What a job. I’ve spent two days on it. Probably have three more days to go. Once it’s done though, it won’t be too much work. If I just weed periodically, it’s no problem.

In the end, is it worth it? You bet. Don’t you love the flowers?

It’s like grooming the dogs, or weeding out and fleshing out and making a story the best it can be. It takes work. But in the end, it’s totally worth it.

I should be “done” with The Bounty Hunter Gets Her Wolf today. Yesterday, I spent the day home, instead of going to my daughter’s. Between the night before after I left her house at 6 pm and working until midnight and all day the next day until late last night, I wrote 12,000 words. It’s not because I had the time to do it, but because the scenes start to unfold, one right after another. 🙂  I have to remind myself when I’m trying to force the scenes to happen, it won’t happen. That I have to keep writing and writing and writing, and all of sudden, I have it. It’s there. Happening. Amazing.

Yet, it’s still not “done.” Once I type up this “last” scene I was finishing by hand late last night, I need to get descriptions of a couple of characters from another book to add. And then? It’s not done. The story is written. That’s the fantastic part!!! And then the reading and rereading begin. To make sure that moving things didn’t mess up the flow, that all the scenes are fleshed out. That it’s the most enjoyable read that it can be. And that I didn’t leave any loose ends.

Have a fun day…it might be work, but the results can be worth it.

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