Who Said it Was Break Time?

Last night when I was at Max’s dog obedience training, the new instructor said to give our dogs a break every time they were through with a phase of training. So one of the ladies took her dog for a bathroom break. But the instructor didn’t mean that kind of a break. He meant to teach the dog that a break meant the dog was done with that phase of training. Now there was a pause between the other dogs finishing theirs and then doing the next training, and that was their “break.”

I told her when she returned with her German shepherd that he didn’t really mean she got to take a break. We laughed.

Max’s nose is to the ground the whole time. So during our breaks–I started to hold him and he loves the cuddle time. And it makes it a real break for him. He watches the other dogs and their owners in their work instead of concentrating on what’s on the ground. Food, dirt, cigarette butts, tons of other trash. And lots and lots and lots of smells. Which means constantly discouraging him, and making him stay by my side, which wears both of us out.

He did really great. Sat, placed, walked, sat, walked, placed, sat. He was very good about it while moving from cot to cot. But when we had to do down, ugh. I really have to work on that. Max doesn’t like lying down unless he’s going to sleep. He’s a sitter. He does great at sitting. I had to entice him with a treat to go down, though I wouldn’t give it to him because he wouldn’t do it on his own. When he did with one command, I gave him the treat. But it’s definitely something I need to work on.

Then there’s me, and a break. I have the proof book for Phantom Fae to read all the way through today. So I’m starting on that in a couple of minutes. But I do better with coming up with a new story if I have a cover. So here’s the new book, when I have time to write it.

I don’t know when I’ll get to it, but last night, just by being able to have a cover, I was able to start coming up with an idea: Not only do the dragon fae have an innate need to hoard gold. So do the Golden Fae. What happens when the two tangle?

Golden Fae

I was also thinking about the next vampire book in the Blood Moon series.


No wonder why I’m not getting enough sleep at night. I can’t shut down the part of my mind that is working on story ideas. So in Kiss of the Vampire, I have the Welsh princes fleeing back to Wales after the Dallas League of Vampires wants their heads. Well, they’re in trouble in Wales too, but maybe it’s been enough decades for no one to know or care of the problems they created there.

Nah. Vampires live long lives. Some hold long grudges. This is Stasio’s story. He is the historian of the bunch, loving all things historical, and everyone gets on him about living in the past. Their past. Humans don’t know the vampires exist. And the vampires keep a low profile. Most of them do. But that’s what gets these princes into so much trouble. If they see humans in trouble, they can’t help but want to aid the good, and defeat the bad when they are supposed to let the humans deal with their own issues on their own.

Now they have a witch among them, strictly American, yet they had to take her with them because of the problems they created on a spring break cruise.

They have no idea how this is all going to play out when they run into something they’d never heard of before, never knew about–a huntress who is determined to eliminate their kind.


Kiss of the Vampire

(Blood Moon Series, Book 1)

Category: Fiction » Young adult or teen » Romance » Fantasy

The motto of the vampires is that humans have to deal with problems on their own. But when Levka and his friends risk all to save human girls, he is injured and so the adventure begins. A cruise. A human girl who is terrified of water. And a vampire who has targeted her for his mate. But she has some secrets of her own.

Forced to take a cruise ship to babysit her foster sister, Caitlin has to face her own demons. But add to that her foster sister’s and her friend’s antics and Caitlin’s inability to use her witch’s magic over water and she has little hope to enjoy this trip. Until she meets a wheelchair-bound teen and wants to make friends with him in the worst way.

Levka and his friends make a hasty retreat from Dallas before the vampire elders stake them for getting involved in human affairs–again. But when he meets Caitlin on the cruise ship, hating that he’s so weak after being injured so severely that he has to use a wheelchair, he finds their troubles have just begun.

Kiss of the Vampire - Terry Spear

But for now, it’s back to proofing Phantom Fae! 🙂

Have a lovely Tuesday!!!


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4 thoughts on “Who Said it Was Break Time?

  1. Oh…. Happy Dancing ALL OVER THE PLACE! I can’t wait for both! I loved Kiss of the Vampire…That was my first audio book and I still think of it fondly… so glad you’re writing a sequel! AND, the Fae! I’ve loved every one of them too! Ooh La La!!!!

    • lol, they are fun series, both of them. You will be happy to learn they are on the plane in Bite of the Vampire. What self-respecting vampire gets airsick? I want to know. LOL

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