When Finishing One Goal is Impossible…

Switch to another. Really. Do it. Don’t say, okay, do a little happy dance, because you can’t accomplish the one goal in just that instant, or pull out your hair… jump on another goal you need to accomplish! You’ll feel better. Really. You’ll get something else done.

Can you tell I’m a workaholic? Well, and have so many deadlines. If I didn’t, I’d goof off more. Maybe.

Late yesterday afternoon I was near the end of proofing Phantom Fae. I was soooooooo close to the end. I wanted to finish it and send it off to the narrator so she could update it. I wanted to be able to relisten to the changes and approve it, pay her, and have another project hanging over my head–finished, done, completed. Because I have a stack of other projects I HAVE to get done. Soon. On deadline.

So what does it do? Storms. Thunder. Lightning. Pouring rain. The works. My computer kept flickering on and off, but I was so desperate to finish. I finally finished, went to send her the final changes, no Internet.

Okay, so that’s fine. I have 8 bears stacked up waiting for me to work on them. Though I was multi-tasking when I was listening to the audiobooks, jointing, then stuffing bears at the same time.

But I still had a ton of work to do on them. Still do. But they’re getting closer to being done. This morning, still trying to get the one book finished up to approve. The narrator hasn’t pressed a button to allow me to approve it yet. The other is DONE. And this morning, I’m working on marketing materials for one of the books I need to write. Still clueless about the other, but I’m making some headway on this one. 🙂 But wait, what color was Everett’s eyes and hair? And will the missing cub be a female or male? Always the questions.

Have a terrific TGIF!!!

I’m off to have some more fun with goals. What about you?

Oh, and news!!!! For the first time ever, two of my wolf books are going into audio! Can’t wait!!!

Silver Wolf Christmas-300 500 x750SEALWolfHunting_catalog

AND, now Dragon Fae and Hawk Fae are in audiobooks!

Hawk Fae book 6 eyes (532x800)


Dragon Fae

Dragons love to hoard.


Okay, Phantom Fae approved, paid for and done. Now it has to go into review and then it will be ready for sale!

Phantom Fae

AND, The Highlander is on sale for 99 cents for a very short time!!

Highlander11 (539x800)


Okay, REALLY back to work! 🙂 <3

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