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Okay, I FINISHED She-Wolf Leader of the Pack! Woohoo!!!

And lost it.

I have my autosave set to a minute. It’s autosaving. I see it autosaving. But it really ISN’T, I’ve learned the hard way. I have to manually save. So I guess I was tired last night after writing 11,000 words over word count. See? I made word count and then some. And was done! Finished! The end! I’m still rereading and editing and I need to add Dedication, Acknowledgements, Author Bio (more words!), BUT, I was done with the story.

I NORMALLY save a copy and send it to my email after I’ve finished for the day. But last night after I was done, I began listening to Huntress for Hire again to proof the audiobook. 1 1/2 hours left to go on that. Need to do the proofing on Phantom Fae audiobook after that. Need to put Phantom Fae in print. Need to make 8 bears. Need to fill out the marketing stuff for the 3 books, 2 that I haven’t written and the one I just finished–just got the request last night. Need to pack for two trips.

Soooooo, I have a LOT on my plate, and I’m whittling away at all of this. My computer crashed, and guess what? I hadn’t saved my FINISHED book in an email. My cloud saver doesn’t save the external hard drive where my story was, but it wouldn’t have mattered because the story wasn’t saved anyway. For whatever reason. I swore I had done it automatically. My only saving grace and the reason I’m not pulling my hair out is that I printed out the story to the end and will now have to type up all those pages. Thank God for hard copies. I just hope that I hadn’t gone in and made a bunch of changes earlier in the mss that weren’t saved. Because I did do that, but those pages weren’t printed out.

I really didn’t need to waste the time retyping pages when I have so much other work to do. *sigh* But I am glad I printed out the pages, and a warning to myself and others, SAVE, SAVE, SAVE, SAVE. Everywhere.

Back to my busy schedule!

Have a love hump day!!!

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2 thoughts on “SAVE…SAVE…SAVE…SAVE…SAVE!

  1. So sorry Terry, never underestimate Murphy’s Law, especially as it applies to computers. Things that get lost in the “Deep Dark Hole” of Computerville are never to be seen again. Go ahead and live dangerously, publish it as is, it will be fine! Cheers

    • LOL, Tom, love it. I can just see it if my editor saw that. Wait, what? Where’s the ending? Did you send us the wrong copy of the book? LOL 🙂 <3 I'm just so thankful that I had printed it out. But it also reminds me to save. I just realized that the audiobook changes are the same way. I had gotten through ch 18. My "saved copy" shows ch 16. *sigh*

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