Thunderstorms and Rain? Or Just an Illusion?

Have you ever thought you were crazy? Last night we had a terrific thunderstorm, woke up the puppies and scared them. Both of them were barking their heads off because of the thunder booming right overhead. I don’t want them to be afraid of storms. So we settled in for a long winter’s nap. Well, spring bedtime, really. It was around 11 pm and I didn’t want to have my computer fried.

It poured. I could hear the rain coming down next to one of the windows. This morning, I expected to see wet pavement. My driveways were all dry on the side of the house. I couldn’t believe it! The grass was wet, but it can be wet with a heavy dew.

So I went to get the mail from yesterday and the telling place would be the front driveway. It has a couple of low spots that if it really rained, some water might still be there. And voila! Two big areas of wet stuff. Now, I feel exonerated. It poured rain last night and I’m not crazy!

Easter bunny and lady bug bear (595x640)

Have you ever thought you were imagining something and it turned out to be real? Or you thought something was real and you only imagined it?

Happy Easter!

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