SEAL Wolf Hunting is OUT!!!

After months of writing, more weeks of editing, and more revising, and proofing, and in the meantime writing 4 more books–Silver Wolf Christmas (Oct 2015), She-Wolf Leader of the Pack (Feb 2016), SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble (Summer 2016), Phantom Fae (Apr 2015), and 55,000 words into Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing (25,000 words to go, woohoo!), while promoting the new release of Jaguar Pride (Feb 2015) it seems like eons ago that I wrote SEAL Wolf Hunting. An eternity.


Book 17

Book 17

Phantom Fae

Don’t have covers for SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble, or She-Wolf, or Billionaire yet. 🙂

And here you all thought I was goofing off!!!! With trips, and book signings, and playing with puppies and taking pictures, and visiting zoos and wolf parks and well, just plain old goofing off.

But you see writing is REALLY my day job and unlike Rick Castle on CASTLE, who writes one book a year, I get a little more done in a year. I have to. I have 3 wolf books and a jaguar book coming out next year. And more, when I can find the time. See if you can match that, Rick Castle.  Oh, sure, he’s running around flirting with Detective Kate Becket and helping her to solve murder cases, but that’s the same as taking trips to zoos, playing with puppies, and taking pictures–time-wise, right?

And yet he’s a multi-millionaire crime thriller novelist. Hmm, maybe I should switch genres. Oh, I know it’s because the women flock to him and books aren’t the only thing that he’s signing. *sigh*

So I have to make do with what I have and…write more.

Book 16

Book 16

I have to thank my fans for loving my books though. You are my inspiration! Every time I write a scene, I wonder–will you love it as much as I do? I’ve been writing some fun scenes in Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing, and those scenes make the book memorable to me. But every book has them.

Even after writing so many other books, nearly 5 since I wrote SEAL Wolf Hunting, I still can vividly see some of my favorite scenes–Paul Cunningham, retired Navy SEAL wolf who now does undercover freelance work has come home with his SEAL team body, Allan Rappaport, after a grueling mission. They lost one of the college students they were supposed to rescue.

Paul suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. But I don’t belabor it. It’s just to show how something like that can make someone react to situations that others will take no note of. When Lori Greypaw realizes Paul might be reacting to situations because of PTSD, she reaches out to him, to help him deal with it. HE doesn’t believe he is having any trouble at all. But when he breaks into Allan’s mother’s home, both men covered in face paint and armed and ready to take down hostage takers, it’s funny and fun, but there’s this undercurrent of hint of trouble that Paul is dealing with, unbeknownst to anyone.

Anyone can suffer from PTSD.

So I’ve touched on it in the story, in fun ways that show that life isn’t always what’s right in front of you, but sometimes there are hidden fears that make you react to certain situations that might confound others.

Okay off to start the busy day ahead with prizes and such at my site.

I also will be giving away 5 copies of the audiobook through Audible–to lucky commenters on this blog. They are good for US and UK winners. I’m not sure if the codes will work elsewhere. But if you love shapeshifters, romance, the paranormal, wolves, mystery, suspense, action and humor, and enjoy audible books, just tell me why you’d love to listen to this story, and I’ll throw you in the pot for a free copy!

Have a super great day! Mine is on top of the moon because it’s RELEASE DAY!!!


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2 thoughts on “SEAL Wolf Hunting is OUT!!!

  1. Love your books, have been reading them since Heart of Wolf came out. I work long hours now and have to listen to most of my books to get any “reading” done. I would like to listen to one of your wolf books on audio and post a review for you on Goodreads, Facebook and Bookhounds.

    • Super, Cathy! It was supposed to be released today, but it’s not up on audible yet. I ordered the CD for myself since I can only listen to them that way and they said they’d ship it on the 20th. 🙁 So it looks like it’s late in coming out. Have listened to Savage Hunger or Jaguar Pride? Those audible books are out.

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