Interesting Life is All Around Us–Do You See It?

My crepe myrtles are in full bloom and they’re beautiful.

Watermelon crepe myrtle

Watermelon crepe myrtle

But what REALLY fascinated me was this:

crepe myrtle decorating the spider's web (640x427) crepe myrtle flowers caught in a spider's web (640x427)crepe myrtle in the spider's web (640x427)

What in the world is it, you ask?

Life decorating life.

Crepe myrtle flowers caught in spiderwebs, hanging there like decorations. Every night, the spiders remake their webs, not at all happy that the crepe myrtles are adding non-bug populations to their bug nets.

But I find it fascinating as each morning as the wind blows, the webs are again decorated in flowers.

How cool is that?

Do you ever notice cool things like that?

Have a great day!!! Back to working on Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing! Over halfway done! 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Interesting Life is All Around Us–Do You See It?

  1. Most days when I’m rushing to get to work then rushing home afterwards, I don’t see anything. But on my days off, like today, I see so much more; even on a rainy day, there’s tons to look at…wish I had more days off!

  2. Diane, yes, same here. And also before I had the puppies. Now while I’m waiting on them, I see much more outside than I noticed before. 🙂 <3

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