Are You Ready to Listen to a Book?

Do you listen to audiobooks?

When I drove to work, I listened to them on the way there and back home, on trips, painted a whole room listening to one and was ready to paint the whole house, love to hear a book when I’m unable to read one or do anything else.

I just finished proofing and then approving The Shadow Elf (YA), half way done with proofing In the Dead of the Night, and have finished Forbidden Love and Demon Trouble Too (YA), both in review right now.  The Winged Fae, The Highlander, Huntress for Hire, and The Trouble with Demons are in process.

So I’m off to proof the rest of In the Dead of the Night, and once the narrator makes the necessary corrections, I can approve it, send a check to pay her, and then it’ll go into review. Once it’s done with the review, it’s available for the listening public. So much fun!

The great news is I have some review copies!!!

Terry Spear, Deidre's Secret (Unabridged)


10 thoughts on “Are You Ready to Listen to a Book?

  1. I have never listened to a book. I can’t wait for the jaguar and highland wolf books come out I so love both series!!!thanks for writing such great books!!!

    • Hey, Jennifer, thanks so much!!! Some don’t care for them because they have a different idea of how the accents should be and all. But the first time I ever listened to one, I wanted it when I was painting my bedroom. I had so much fun listening to it that I was ready to paint the rest of the house. Totally took my mind off the painting!

  2. I’m like you were, listen to them on my way to and from work; it takes an hour and rather than listen to news, books are much better!!!

  3. Absolutely, Diane! It goes by in no time at all and I get to immerse myself in another world at the same time. One fan wrote me and said she loved them because she was vision impaired and so that’s another reason they’re so wonderful!

  4. I usually listen to oldies (music) while I’m walking/running a nearby bridge. I do it at least 3 times a week for an hour at a time. Do you ever listen to books while you’re exercising? I’ve not done that but have thought of trying it… IF you do, what if you really get into the book and then how do you handle having to wait a day or two before you walk/run again and get to hear more of your book?

    • Hey, Linda,
      Yes, I’ve listened to a book while exercising. But even like with driving, or painting the bedroom, I often have to listen further until I come to a good stopping point. 🙂 Which usually means, I’ll continue to listen to it while I’m doing something else, like household chores. It really makes the work go by and I don’t even notice it when I’m wrapped up in a book. 🙂

  5. This is a pretty old post but I’d be interested! I’ve read the first 3 books in your Highlander series and I thoroughly enjoyed all of them.

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