At USA Today–Twice!!!

For Kissing the Highlander at USA Today!

Kissing the Highlander final (438x640)

And for: Jaguar Pride at USA Today!


And a lovely review from Pure Jonel!

My Review:

This novel is a fantastic mix of action and romance. Spear writes in a manner that allows you to easily picture yourself standing in the midst of the action. She involves her readers in every aspect of the mission her characters embark on. Spear’s hot bedroom scenes leave you drooling. This all makes the unique and unforgettable plot of the story shine through. This author’s fantastic storytelling and fluid writing style top it all off.

This author has definitely nailed shifters as characters, creating a brilliant cast for this novel. She makes these shifters so very real. Not only is it easy to imagine how these individuals can exist among us without our knowledge, the individuals that we get to meet are just plain intriguing. Both the male and the female leads are strong individuals who embrace every part of who they are. They were also fun, approachable people that I truly wanted to read about.

This was a fantastically unique novel that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to other lovers of the supernatural, and of romance with a twist. It can just as easily be read as a standalone or as part of the series.

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Still trying to get everything up and running on my computer, and my data usage alert said I was going into the dungeon. Well, not really, but that’s how I equate it. No more Internet, and if I can write a note in blood to try and get it out to someone on the outside, we’ll be good. 🙂

Can you tell I love to make up stories!

Because of the puppies being so sick, no collar training for Max for two days. I figured he’d forget everything he’d learned, but he was really good. Also, I have it on a setting of 3 instead of 5, 7 being highest on the Low button. And he’s minding. But will he still remember everything when I’ve been gone for 5 days?

Anyway, got to get to writing. Spent all day yesterday trying to get my computer back up and running, and I still haven’t finished, and I’m behinder and behinder–yes, it’s a word. My word. As an author, it’s perfectly acceptable to make up our own words. Really. So anyway, I had not planned on writing while at conference, but I might have to. *sigh*

Have a super great day! Mine is much better! Puppies are playing again. Max is relegated to his bed and not my desk chair because he gets up, and then down, and then wants back up, and then backs away when I want to put him up, so figured it was time for him to go to his own bed. And he looks so sad.

This is what I would call tough puppy love.

Hope your day is the greatest!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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8 thoughts on “At USA Today–Twice!!!

  1. Super congrats to you Terry!!!! That is so awesome to hit USA Today twice!!!!

    * *

    On Wed, Feb 4, 2015 at 11:41 AM, Terry Spear’s Shifters wrote:

    > terryspear posted: “For Kissing the Highlander at USA Today! > > And for: Jaguar Pride at USA Today! And a lovely review from Pure Jonel! > htt”

  2. Thanks, Justina! One thing that I heard when I was still hopeful to get a publishing contract was from a highly successful bestselling author. When she hadn’t sold her first book, she and another lady in the same boat sat together at a writer’s luncheon. They were totally intimidated by a multi-published bestselling author and so didn’t talk with her, but much later, they were both multi-published bestselling authors and the other one was no longer writing. The moral of the story is that with some luck, and lots of hard work, and a determination and perseverance, we can make our own way in the world.

    The main thing is to realize we all have our own journeys to make and what works for one, won’t for another. But we can all succeed if we want it badly enough. Just like the characters in our stories. 🙂 If not with this book, don’t be afraid to try something new. 🙂

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