Ever Have One of Those Days???


I forget that Mondays roll around and well, sometimes, though, it’s not Monday that’s the problem. Sometimes it’s Tuesday, that insists it’s a Monday. Or it’s Wednesday, or Thursday. You get the point, right?

Some days several days can be a Monday.

So today, was totally a Monday. First, computer wouldn’t come on. Finally, finally fixed that, and then Internet wouldn’t work. Did I mention it’s a Monday? And I slept wrong so I have a pain in the neck. You know, the real kind. Not just the pain-in-the-neck Monday where the computer won’t work and my Internet won’t work after that.

Okay, so that’s it for my Monday. The rest of the day is going to be a Saturday. I insist.

What about you? Ever have a Monday that’s all week long? Or on the wrong day? Or heaven forbid, fell on a MONDAY?

I feel like this:

The Trouble with Demons

The good news is I’m at Casablanca’s today with a free giveaway!


Have a super, great Saturday! (Remember, Monday has gone away!)

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2 thoughts on “Ever Have One of Those Days???

  1. Oh Terry,, Godbless your heart……I haven;t been able to keep the days straight for several years now. At least you have an excuse. Your very busy. I trot around like lost in a cloud as far as days go. Last week I had an appt on Thursday. I made a note to leave by the coffee pot. I wrote on the calender. But you see, I forgot to turn on the TV to make sure of the right date that day so I was a day behind. I do it all the time. Duh???? I get lost in my reading and thats it lol

  2. LOL, Pam, I could give you a hug!!!! I needed a good laugh today, and that was it!!! That’s like putting something by my purse to take with me, and taking my purse and still leaving whatever it was behind. Or… putting it in the car and knowing I’d have it with me, and then riding in someone else’s car. Of course, the item was still in mine. lol 🙂

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