Love it When I’m on a Roll!

In writer talk, that means the story just keeps going and I can’t hardly keep up with the characters! I love it when that happens. I wrote 7500 words yesterday! Wish I could do that every day!

But what I’m going to talk about is the paranormal. First, besides writing, I watered a little. Things are burning up. 104 degree temps, no rain, hot, hot, hot, with more to come through September.

So I hosed the stressed plants a little. No rain in the forecast for the next 10 days, which is the same as the last 10 days and will be the same for the 10 days after this.

I decided I needed to take a break from writing, the computer, sitting, and wanted to watch a couple of episodes of Supernaturals.

The AC comes on, I’m getting cold. And I hear this roaring sound. I glance at the window, blinds are all closed, but I can see the shrubs really blowing hard. But it can’t be the wind that’s making such a racket, unless we’ve got a tornado. I walk to another window, peek through the blinds, and it is POURING rain. I don’t do rain dances to make it rain. But I do rain dances when it rains and it’s not supposed to for the next 100 years.

I must water more often.

Have a great Sunday!

I’m off to write some more!



2 thoughts on “Love it When I’m on a Roll!

  1. Oh my, did it really rain at your house yesterday? I live about ten miles NW and did not even see a cloud. Next time please shoo a little my way. I am reading my first book of yours (Wolf Fever) and it is great. I really like the shifter stories and also the Highlander/historical ones. Cannot wait to read more, keep them coming! Tom

    • Don’t you hate that, Tom? When the rain dumps one place and not another? I see massive storms hitting off in the distance, sheets of dark gray rain from clouds to the ground and it’ll pass right on by. Or it’ll be really, really stormy right overhead, thunder like crazy and not allow one drop to fall… Thanks so much for enjoying Wolf Fever! I had so much fun doing the research to make the stories more real. The same with the Highlander ones, though, some do have a paranormal quirky twist. Thanks again! And I’ll try to send some rain your way, even if I want to keep it all to myself. LOL 🙂 Unless it’s flooding, of course. 🙂

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