Coming Up with Story Ideas

Who would have thought being a gate guardian could be so much trouble?
The Trouble with Demons
Witches and warlocks hide their true identities from the rest of the human population, while three teens with demon heritage living with human families, become unlikely companions in a race against time to deal with a demon threat to humankind in their own quirky way.Alana Fainot, a witch and half Kubiteron demon, witnesses a Matusa murder his summoner, and she knows he’ll target her next. Raised by her mother, she has no idea who her demon father is. But when she’s pulled to a demon portal, she meets Hunter Ross, half Matusa, half human, who returns demons to their world, but who’s been poisoned by a Matusa and is more dead than alive. His human mother gave him up for adoption, and he doesn’t know who either of his birth parents are. His friend Jared Kensington, full blooded Elantus demon, less powerful than the Kubiteron, is a whiz at electronics and helps Hunter track demons in the city, but was abandoned by his parents on Earth world for reasons unknown. He’s determined to find help to save Hunter. Alana knows aiding any Matusa is a mistake, but when she learns Hunter is half human, she makes a deal—he protects her against the Matusa who will come for her, and she helps find his dad in the demon world to save Hunter’s life.Often at odds, the three teens work together to stop the plans of a group of Matusa to take over the human race before it’s too late.

 Demon Trouble Too

Alana Fainot is a demon gate guardian, stuck in her last boring year of school. But not for long. Hunter and the rest of the gang show up when her astral form can’t return to her physical form, and she’s at the police station trying to talk her way out of having seen the murderer of a summoner. Hunter always knew Alana was trouble, but his kind of trouble, and he’s not leaving Alana alone again.Celeste Sweetwater, a new kind of demon, joins Hunter and Alana and the rest of the demon guardians in a fight to find a new kind of portal device that can summon several demons at once. But not only that, another Matusa has been unleashed on the unsuspecting human world and the demon guardians must stop him before he wreaks much more havoc.But this time, the police are involved, paranormal investigators pounce on the area, and the whole mess seems to be spiraling out of the demon guardians’ control.

Do you ever wonder how I come up with ideas? Well, in a million different ways. Sometimes from a news report. Sometimes seeing a show or movie and it gets me to thinking. Sometimes reading an adult romance and I begin thinking about it in a young adult way. Or vice versa. I read a YA and I think, wow, wouldn’t this be fun as a sexy adult romance?

In the case of the demon teen series, I had read a cool book, judging for a contest some years back where the woman was being stalked by someone and I think she was part demon. Or he was. Can’t remember. So I thought how cool would it be if I had teens who were partly demons, part humans, just trying to be normal human teens?  Well, one of the boys is full demon, but one of the more good-natured ones. And one of the girls is also a witch. So all kinds of fun.

The Vampire…In My Dreams came from reading just the opening of a book I looked at on Amazon, and it was about two women who were sneaking into a mobile home to learn if the guy sleeping in the bed was a vampire. So in my story, I have where the two girls are chasing the vampire in the night. Only they really don’t exist. Only witches and warlocks do. And they are witches.

Then in Kiss of the Vampire…my mother said I needed to write about vampires going on a cruise and eating all the people. Yes, Mom. I kept telling her I didn’t write horror stories. Romance, Mom. I write happily ever afters. 🙂

And the Fae…well, I read an adult fae book and thought wouldn’t it be cool to write a teen version?

Of course, my stories aren’t anything like the other books. It’s just a kernel of an idea that forms and the whole story/world is something totally new.  That has to do with voice and the author’s own reading habits, life experiences, etc.

So when you sit down to read a book, do you ever wonder where the author came up with the idea???

Have a super Saturday!!! Off to work some more on The Highlander and A Highland Wolf Christmas!


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