Silence of the Wolf, Final Approved Cover

Photo: Hungry for the wolf??? Here is the final approved cover for Silence of the Wolf, due out in March, and working on reaching 5,000 words on Jaguar Pride. 75,000 to go! LOL :)

Silence of the Wolf is Tom Silver’s story of the Silver wolf pack in Silver Town, Colorado where the wolves run the town. It’s due out in March!

This is a picture I took at the wildlife park in Ashton, Nebraska, of their alpha female wolf at Thanksgiving time. 🙂

female wolf close up

I’m mentioning wolves, but I’m working on Jaguar Pride right now! 8,000 done, 72,000 to go! 🙂  Okay, so here’s the jaguar in a cat run at the Omaha Zoo.

Photo: I'm in my tree working on Jaguar Pride, but I wanted to comment about the weather. Do you pay any attention to weather forecasts? I need to run into town and I was thinking about doing so at a certain hour--but during that hour, not before or after, just during that hour, we have a 70% chance of rain. LOL Do I risk it? Play devil's advocate? Go later? Go earlier? Believe the weather forecast? LOL

Have a terrific Friday! I’m back to working on the story. No time to just enjoy the holidays!!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

2 thoughts on “Silence of the Wolf, Final Approved Cover

    • Ah, thanks so much!!! I’ve been kind of AWOL with trying to keep up with Christmas and deadlines. 🙂 But I love to share the pictures, and I LOVED Tom’s cover. 🙂

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