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Making Progress!

My Neighbor’s Werewolf that I Embellished!

It’s really important if you have a million goals like I do to keep making progress at whatever you’re doing. Since it’s cooled down a little, I’ve been weeding and weeding and weeding and it’s getting there. I can’t do it all at once, but I keep working at it. I have another four 40-gallon bags out for the trash again with spent zinnias and tons of grass hiding among them that I couldn’t reach for the zinnia. I had that many out for Monday’s trash too.

So it’s getting better! Just keep working at it. I also planted mondo grass last night, trying to find a way to have something evergreen that fills in where the weeds are growing. Hope it works. That’s also the important thing. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. It could be that this plant doesn’t, but something else will.

I redid a cover for one of my novellas. I’ve had several for it but I haven’t liked anything else I’ve done or purchased in the past, so hopefully this one will be the one. It’s for a vampire romantic suspense.

And I was designing the cover for the Cougar Halloween Mischief novella. I was working on the story also. Got my first 1,000 words. Since my novellas are shorter, about 25-30K, I’m excited to get a start! For those of you who are following the cougar shifters of Yuma Town, Colorado, this is about Ricky Jones and the horrible, awful, wonderful, beautiful Friday the 13th where his world is again turned upside down before Halloween. Now if I could stay out of the garden long enough to concentrate on it… But man, the garden needs lots more tender, loving care. It’s getting there though!

This morning, I went to test out my shoulder, hand behind back, upward movement, and YAY!!! It’s sooooooooo much better. Last night, I tried it and it was bad. So I thought I was backsliding. After lifting a 28 lb toddler all day, my shoulder was killing me. This morning, when normally I try to pull my arm up behind my back, I could do it higher, but only for a second and the pain is excruciating. Today, I was able to move it to that spot for 10 times for 10 second holds. It hurt, but it was doable. Yay!!! And with a yoga strap, I think I even was able to get it higher for about 5 repetitions with 10 second holds. So I’m making progress!

I have someone coming to clean my gutters. I took my 6 foot ladder out to clean them myself and realized I needed a 10 foot ladder to do the job. ugh. Last tropical storm, I had a torrent of water built up in the gutters gushing over the top, so hopefully, this will take care of that! And I got a new guy to mow the lawn. My neighbor’s son got a job and we had another neighbor kid doing the yard. He broke a fence panel in my gate that I still need to have fixed. So this guy looks like he’ll be my go to yardman now.

Before I turn this into a book, I’m out of here.

Have a wonderful, beautiful day, that skips the horrible, awful part that Ricky is having!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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NEVER Stop Believing…

In SEAL Wolf in Too Deep, he really has a time telling her about who he really is. So remember that. If you’re strictly human, your other half might not be, but is just reluctant to tell you about his/her other side. They deserve all your love no matter what.

Have a great day! Hopefully, our garbage will be picked up today. I threw out all the food that I think might have spoiled because of our 20 hours or so of no electricity.

Brindle Bear

Brindle Bear

doves and bear 001 (640x427) (2)

Mated doves on a rainy day

Champagne mohair bear (481x640)Champagne Mohair Bear

Off to work!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

Connect with Terry Spear:

Website: http://www.terryspear.com

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/421434.Terry_Spear

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Silence of the Wolf Review! And Jaguar Fever and A Howl for a Highlander–$2.99!

1c2a7-silencewolf121212a“Exciting romance with sweet, sexy wolf shifter hero!”

Silence Of The Wolf
Terry Spear

Reviewed by Miranda Owen
Posted February 10, 2014

Romance Paranormal

SILENCE OF THE WOLF is Book thirteen in Terry Spear’s Heart of the Wolf series. As a fan of Terry Spear and this series, I have been waiting for gray werewolf Tom Silver to have a story of his own for a long time. He is my favorite of the three Silver brothers.

This story takes place in Silver Town, Colorado. Silver Town is a unique environment and it’s nice to re-visit it in this story. It’s a town run by wolf shifters and they make up the majority of the population.

Elizabeth Wildwood is an interloper to this town. She has a lot to be anxious about: she is a red wolf/coyote shifter in a town full of gray wolf shifters, and she is trying to get evidence of her parents’ possible murder. There were many sources of conflict in this story — rogue wolves loose in Silver Town riling up the human farmers, shadowy figures trying to capture Elizabeth, and the mystery surrounding Elizabeth’s parents’ death. All these things kept up the level of excitement and made things interesting.

For me this is a book very much about family. Elizabeth is stunned and deeply touched by how much acceptance and friendship she finds among the gray wolf shifters. Acceptance is something that has always been in short supply for her. The only time she has felt love has been when her mother and father were alive. She was hidden or looked down on by both her mother and father’s families for being both wolf and coyote. It’s this bad experience with family that makes it difficult for her to trust that she can find happiness and attract and hold onto love. Of course this makes Tom the perfect guy for her since he’s such a sweet and sexy combination.

SILENCE OF THE WOLF continues Terry Spear’s tradition of writing strong female characters and sweet, sexy male characters. I really enjoyed this romance and I think Elizabeth and Tom are a great match. I love that they have a teasing, fun flirtation right from the beginning. As always with this author’s books, the secondary characters are great as well and really add to the story. It’s great to catch up with favorite characters from past books like Sam and Silva. I loved this romance and eagerly await the next book in this series as well as other books by Terry Spear!

Learn more about Silence Of The Wolf


A hunky werewolf and a beautiful stranger collide in this hot new paranormal shape-shifting romance

Gray werewolf Tom Silver is determined to find the wolves who have been attacking local livestock. While tracking the pack through the Rockies, a blizzard forces him into a remote cabin where he hears a plane crash nearby. When he discovers the sole survivor is a beautiful female werewolf/ coyote shifter mix, bound as a prisoner, he knows it’s his duty to hide her. Now, they are both at risk as a search ensues for the missing prisoner. Will Tom be able to protect this beautiful stranger while tracking down the wolves responsible for terrorizing the local livestock?


Only $2.99!!!!! For a trip to the jungle with him, wouldn’t you love it???


Only $2.99!!!! And you know he’s worth a LOT more than that! 


We never get notification of sales, but I came across this yesterday, so wanted to give a heads up! Don’t know how long they will be on sale for!

And I’m off to write! 55,000 words on Cougar’s Mate and counting. 🙂

We’re supposed to have icy rain today, and by Thurs, 71 degrees! The weather has been too weird this year.

Have a lovely Tuesday!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

A Sale! Sold! A Silver Wolf Christmas–Oct 2015 Release Date!

Another book sale

I usually pitch three books at a time, but I had 6 books to complete on one contract and was asked to do another, so I had 7 and it took forever to write that many books. So I’m trying to keep it down to 3 books that I have to write at any one time. Though in truth, I’m nearly done with Jaguar Pride. Still, I’ll need to work on edits after I’ve written THE END.

Coyote (640x397)

I had a lovely time at the zoo yesterday, though I wasn’t thinking that it was a holiday, so it was packed. Animals that are usually fairly quiet or sleeping were agitated with all the noise at the zoo. Some of the animals that are usually quite active were worn out. This is a coyote that had crashed. Her mate was nearby but hidden.

Because of goofing off, I only got 1,000 done on my mss instead of 2, which means I will have to write 3,000 today. See how that works? It’s like getting deeper in debt. By huge amounts. If I’d done what I was supposed to have done, I wouldn’t have so much more to do. 🙂

And I really, really want to finish the book by this weekend. That will give me a couple of weeks to keep revising it. That’s the really fun part. 🙂

I still haven’t come up with the end. Okay, I’ll let you in on a secret. My characters often tell me how it ends. And when it’s the right time, they’ll let me know. You might think that’s crazy, but it’s true. I can brainstorm all I want, but I come down to that end, and all of a sudden, I have it! You don’t think I came up with it all on my own, now do you?

Have a super Tuesday!!!
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

Birds at the Ashton, Nebraska’s Wildlife Safari Park

My Facebook friends helped me to identify these sandhill cranes.

And of course, I had to get the tail feathers of one–though a great shot, it’s typical that I get the backside of one or several animals on a visit to an animal/zoo type park.

Turkey hens, and this was at Thanksgiving, so I’m sure they don’t realize it, but they’re really fortunate to be living here.

I got this from UPS yesterday and I’d never seen one before, so it sort of tickled me. No telling what will. Must be doing too much writing!


And these are some fun reviews for A SEAL Wolf Christmas!!!


Rating: 5 Crowns—A Royal Read*

I absolutely loved A SEAL WOLF Christmas. Definitely one of my top ten books of 2013.

Bjornolf Jorgenson has been ghosting Hunter’s SEAL wolf team to make sure the team stays safe while on missions, but he has also been doing so to keep an eye on the Anna Johnson, the sexy little gray wolf who has captured his attention.
Growing close on their last mission, the two now find themselves playing the part of a married couple while trying to solve a murder investigation and raising a teen wolf who wants to run away.

I adore Terry Spear’s novels and A SEAL Wolf Christmas is no exception.

Chocked full of action, adventure, mystery, chemistry, romance, heat, and witty characters A SEAL Wolf Christmas is one of those books that should come warning label stating that it has the potential to explode in your hands.

The chemistry between Anna and Bjornolf was brilliant—I could not get enough of them. They were one of those couples you want to see succeed in their relationship. What made it more interesting was the fact that Anna is covering up a secret from her past, which is also the reason she hates Christmas.

I was unable to put this book and read it in one sitting, so it’s highly addictive and thoroughly engaging.

*What is a Royal Read:

Royal Reads are our desert-island, bury-me-with-this-book, don’t-sleep-until-its-finished, all-time-favourite reads.

Royal Reviews: A SEAL Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear
Navy SEAL Bjornolf Jorgenson has had tough missions before, but going undercover with feisty gray wolf Anna Johnson could top the list. She drives him crazy—in more ways than one. Now he has to

Terry Spear created an incredible world in her Heart of the Jaguar series recently, but little did I know that she had already set us up with a 12 book (so far) series all about some very awesome wolves.

It’s so hard to find an author that can write – and write well – about multiple species of shifters. Most are really good with one specifically — such as wolves, pumas, leopards etc — but lack the ability to give much insight to each ‘species’. Luckily this is not a problem for Spear. She really seems to have done her research. She knows the differences between red and grey wolves and masterfully inserts those differences into her writing. The characters exhibit qualities you would expect to find in wolves – whether in human or animal form. They react as the actual animal would most likely react (having never studied wolves, I can’t say this with certainty, but Spear is quite convincing). She builds the packs around intense characters and brings their animal traits into their human forms and vice versa. These characters are complex yet simple while still being relatable.

Once again I have found myself reading a book that wasn’t the first in the series, but Spear seems to be able to accomplish stand-alone-esque novels that still intertwine with the series as a whole. Although A Seal Wolf Christmas is the 12th in the series, the only time I felt like I should have read the other stories was when I finished and wanted to know more about certain escapades her characters referenced.

Navy SEAL Bjornolf Jorgenson had my attention from the first page. There’s just something about a man who is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the people he cares about safe that triggers some internal swoon in me. Add in several other alpha males, a strong woman who doesn’t take crap and a little mystery and intrigue and I’m not putting that story down.

Anna is one of those women you wish every author would write. She’s in no way a helpless female. I truly believe that’s why I was so drawn in by this story. Yes, many authors write strong women, but those strong women also tend to need saving – a lot. Anna is the kind of woman that is perfectly capable of saving herself.

To see these two very strong alpha personalities come together in a situation neither is comfortable with just adds to the chemistry brewing in the tale. Throw in a few curveballs along the way to make sure they don’t get too comfortable and you have one drag you in, hold you hostage story.

I’m not sure with what Spear has impressed me more – her ability to write complex animal characters, her ability to get someone like me to become engrossed in a series without starting at the beginning or just her overly compelling stories that leave you wanting more at the end.

Review: A Seal Wolf Christmas by Terry Spear


I’m always surprised at how authors can keep coming up with fresh plot ideas and characters after numerous books in a series. This is Book 12 in Terry Spear’s werewolf series, and I’m still having as much fun with them as I did when I first began reading about them.

Bjornolf Jorgenson – yeah, say that ten times really fast! – is a lone wolf, a Navy SEAL who ghosts missions to make sure teams get in and out safe. He’s had a thing for Anna Johnson for some time, and when ghosting her current mission, Bjornolf breaks his own rule and lets her team know he’s there by helping out when he thinks Anna might be in jeopardy.

Rescuing a kidnapped family in the Amazon, Anna and her team have to be hyper vigilant when they begin to suspect everything is not as it seems in the jungle. They’re glad for Bjornolf’s assistance, and that leads to another mission where Anna and he will pose at newlyweds to investigate the murder of two wolves on a Christmas tree farm and also take care of the teen who discovered the crime.

It’s Bjornolf who wants more with Anna, so he jumps at the chance to work closely with her, despite her hesitancy. He needs to know what’s in her past that forces her to shut down, to shun the holiday season, especially after he opens up to her about his most traumatic moment of his younger days. When she refuses to let him in, he decides to take matters into his own hands, knowing it might hurt more than help.

However, as they grow closer living together during their mission, Anna begins to blossom with the festive feelings of Christmas and the loving attention of Bjornolf, as well as the timid and eager trust of a young teen who needs family so much. When she’s unexpectedly torn away from them by the hands of danger, Anna isn’t about to let this villain take everything away from her. Knowing Bjornolf will do everything in his power to find her, her training kicks in, only for them all to find out that more danger is still at their door.


seal wolfTerry Spear brings paranormal fans a holiday story in the latest of her werewolf series,  A Seal Wolf Christmas. Navy SEAL Bjornolf is undercover as a newlywed with agent and wolf Anna, who drives him crazy. It doesn’t make anything easier that they have to pose as the aunt and uncle to an unruly teenage wolf. They travel from the Amazon to a Christmas tree farm in Oregon for answers in this funny and romantic adventure.Ho ho ho!! Nothing is better than a romance – except a romance set at Christmas Time! Join Amy Alessio as she tells us about her favorite holiday romances. http://romanceuniversity.org/2013/12/14/reader-roundup-holiday-romances-with-amy-alessio/

And now it’s time to get back to the work at hand–Jaguar Pride! 🙂

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

Silence of the Wolf, Final Approved Cover

Photo: Hungry for the wolf??? Here is the final approved cover for Silence of the Wolf, due out in March, and working on reaching 5,000 words on Jaguar Pride. 75,000 to go! LOL :)

Silence of the Wolf is Tom Silver’s story of the Silver wolf pack in Silver Town, Colorado where the wolves run the town. It’s due out in March!

This is a picture I took at the wildlife park in Ashton, Nebraska, of their alpha female wolf at Thanksgiving time. 🙂

female wolf close up

I’m mentioning wolves, but I’m working on Jaguar Pride right now! 8,000 done, 72,000 to go! 🙂  Okay, so here’s the jaguar in a cat run at the Omaha Zoo.

Photo: I'm in my tree working on Jaguar Pride, but I wanted to comment about the weather. Do you pay any attention to weather forecasts? I need to run into town and I was thinking about doing so at a certain hour--but during that hour, not before or after, just during that hour, we have a 70% chance of rain. LOL Do I risk it? Play devil's advocate? Go later? Go earlier? Believe the weather forecast? LOL

Have a terrific Friday! I’m back to working on the story. No time to just enjoy the holidays!!!!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

Storm Clouds–the Real & the Fantasized

storm with a hole in the cloudshole in clouds fantasy

I thought this hole in the clouds was fascinating, so I quickly took shots of it and then even had more fun with it.

That’s what I do with my writing. I create  fantasy from reality. A werewolf world or jaguar shifters in our world. The myth mixed with the truth.

Like these clouds. The reality is the basis, the fantasy, the added fun.

And an update, The Highlander just released!

Available now, and the print version will be ready in about a week. Looking for a narrator for the audiobook version. Barnes and Noble is still in process. *sigh*


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

Cearnach MacNeill in A Hero Showdown–Round 1! Needs Your Vote!

In Group 4 we have Gladiators, Sex Demons, Head Honchos, and  Highland Werewolves.  Gladiators is a new theme on the paranormal scene and Sex Demons are just plain fun.  For Head Honchos, we looked at those that take a – usually tortured and rag tag bunch – of immortal men –  and try to keep them in line. And since – for some reason – a lot of Werewolves are Scots, we thought they deserved a category all their own.  A fun round to be sure!


Highland Werewolves

Cearnach MacNeill – A HIGHLAND WEREWOLF WEDDING (Terry Spear) Cearnach is a Werewolf who champions anyone he feels is being bullied or abused. His favorite female to protect is his mate, Elaine, a would-be pirate. The second oldest of quadruplets, he is second in command of his Clan. As an Alpha, he is able to shift at will and loves to run free in his Wolf form with his mate in the Scottish Highlands.

I was thrilled to be asked to participate in this–so I asked Cearnach and he was all to happy to perform for you!  Just click on the link and it will take you to the voting choices. Have fun!

Just let him know what you think of his performance!



“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”



Future Librarian and Writer

According to her mother, Elysia is already a huge fan of mine. She has always wanted to be a librarian, but wants to write also. When she learned I’ve done both, her mother said I’ve been Elysia’s hero ever since.

Isn’t that the greatest thing ever? To not be able to leap buildings with a single bound, or stop a ship from plowing into a port city single-handed, but to be able to share stories with girls and boys who someday could very well be sharing their own stories and “moving” readers with their adventurous tales for younger generations to read–to me that is the most wondrous thing of all.

Rhonda's daughter reading The Dark Fae at Groundhouse Coffee

A quote from her mom and Elysia: “She is halfway through [The Dark Fae] and said, “OMG Mom this is getting really good!! I can’t put it down!”

And that is the best compliment an author can ever receive.

What could be better than reading The Dark Fae, drinking hot chocolate at Groundhouse Coffee on a lazy summer Sunday afternoon, while mom’s reading a much different book and drinking coffee?

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, Elysia, for loving my stories. And to her mom, who loves my adult stories, too!!! 🙂

One of my favorite YA authors is Amelia Atwater Rhodes. She wrote as a young girl and how I wished when I was penning stories at her age, I had been published, too. That’s what I love about creating stories. We can do it at any age, and share them with our friends and family and someday even the world.

What was the first book you read that you couldn’t get enough of? And had to read more of what the author wrote?

Thanks for dropping by and sharing your comments with me.

The Dark Fae

The World of Fae, Book 1, YA

One lucky winner will receive an ebook copy of The Dark Fae, international giveaway.

Thanks again to Elysia and her mom who shared this with me. And good luck, Elysia! All your dreams will come true with perseverance and determination!

Have a super great Monday! And if you have a moment, pass along your joy of reading to others!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”


Families that Read Together, Stay Together

Under the Cover Blog Reviewer tagged me in the CUTEST ever photo of her daughter and her on a camping trip… reading in a tent. She gave me permission to share this on my blog.

Now first, I want to say that jaguar shifters and werewolves are into camping, big time. They love the jungles/forests. So it just seems appropriate that she would be reading JAGUAR FEVER on the camping trip.


When I was growing up, my parents weren’t much to read. My mother loved books, but she never read them when I was home. My dad didn’t either. But I devoured books. We’d go to garage sales and I’d pick out all the books my mother could afford. I went to the school library all the time and read.

When I went camping with my best girlfriend, Diane Stokes, her parents were big readers. Her older sister was a librarian. We all read at a lake visit one time, Diane and my sister and I also spent a lot of time in the snapping turtle-infested Central Florida lake. And we loved it! That was part of the adventure. Staying on the rafts and hoping that there weren’t any water moccasins or alligators also in the lake. And that the turtles didn’t bite us. Since my mother tangled with a snapping turtle in another lake, we knew they could actually remove a toe with their beak-like mouths–according to a ranger who treated my mother’s bite. So we splashed a lot to keep them away, hoping they didn’t think we were flopping fish and ready to eat!

Both my son and daughter love to read as much as I do. And so do both of their spouses.

So when I go on vacation? I take a book or three with me. I have friends who sit on the beach reading. Not me. I’m walking or swimming. But at night… it’s time to cozy up with a book and drift off to another world.

What about you? Did you read as a family? Or are you the odd one out?

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”