A Sale! Sold! A Silver Wolf Christmas–Oct 2015 Release Date!

Another book sale

I usually pitch three books at a time, but I had 6 books to complete on one contract and was asked to do another, so I had 7 and it took forever to write that many books. So I’m trying to keep it down to 3 books that I have to write at any one time. Though in truth, I’m nearly done with Jaguar Pride. Still, I’ll need to work on edits after I’ve written THE END.

Coyote (640x397)

I had a lovely time at the zoo yesterday, though I wasn’t thinking that it was a holiday, so it was packed. Animals that are usually fairly quiet or sleeping were agitated with all the noise at the zoo. Some of the animals that are usually quite active were worn out. This is a coyote that had crashed. Her mate was nearby but hidden.

Because of goofing off, I only got 1,000 done on my mss instead of 2, which means I will have to write 3,000 today. See how that works? It’s like getting deeper in debt. By huge amounts. If I’d done what I was supposed to have done, I wouldn’t have so much more to do. 🙂

And I really, really want to finish the book by this weekend. That will give me a couple of weeks to keep revising it. That’s the really fun part. 🙂

I still haven’t come up with the end. Okay, I’ll let you in on a secret. My characters often tell me how it ends. And when it’s the right time, they’ll let me know. You might think that’s crazy, but it’s true. I can brainstorm all I want, but I come down to that end, and all of a sudden, I have it! You don’t think I came up with it all on my own, now do you?

Have a super Tuesday!!!
“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

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