Making Progress!

My Neighbor’s Werewolf that I Embellished!

It’s really important if you have a million goals like I do to keep making progress at whatever you’re doing. Since it’s cooled down a little, I’ve been weeding and weeding and weeding and it’s getting there. I can’t do it all at once, but I keep working at it. I have another four 40-gallon bags out for the trash again with spent zinnias and tons of grass hiding among them that I couldn’t reach for the zinnia. I had that many out for Monday’s trash too.

So it’s getting better! Just keep working at it. I also planted mondo grass last night, trying to find a way to have something evergreen that fills in where the weeds are growing. Hope it works. That’s also the important thing. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. It could be that this plant doesn’t, but something else will.

I redid a cover for one of my novellas. I’ve had several for it but I haven’t liked anything else I’ve done or purchased in the past, so hopefully this one will be the one. It’s for a vampire romantic suspense.

And I was designing the cover for the Cougar Halloween Mischief novella. I was working on the story also. Got my first 1,000 words. Since my novellas are shorter, about 25-30K, I’m excited to get a start! For those of you who are following the cougar shifters of Yuma Town, Colorado, this is about Ricky Jones and the horrible, awful, wonderful, beautiful Friday the 13th where his world is again turned upside down before Halloween. Now if I could stay out of the garden long enough to concentrate on it… But man, the garden needs lots more tender, loving care. It’s getting there though!

This morning, I went to test out my shoulder, hand behind back, upward movement, and YAY!!! It’s sooooooooo much better. Last night, I tried it and it was bad. So I thought I was backsliding. After lifting a 28 lb toddler all day, my shoulder was killing me. This morning, when normally I try to pull my arm up behind my back, I could do it higher, but only for a second and the pain is excruciating. Today, I was able to move it to that spot for 10 times for 10 second holds. It hurt, but it was doable. Yay!!! And with a yoga strap, I think I even was able to get it higher for about 5 repetitions with 10 second holds. So I’m making progress!

I have someone coming to clean my gutters. I took my 6 foot ladder out to clean them myself and realized I needed a 10 foot ladder to do the job. ugh. Last tropical storm, I had a torrent of water built up in the gutters gushing over the top, so hopefully, this will take care of that! And I got a new guy to mow the lawn. My neighbor’s son got a job and we had another neighbor kid doing the yard. He broke a fence panel in my gate that I still need to have fixed. So this guy looks like he’ll be my go to yardman now.

Before I turn this into a book, I’m out of here.

Have a wonderful, beautiful day, that skips the horrible, awful part that Ricky is having!


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