She will be going to her forever home soon in Texas.

Well, this is a goofed up weather day. It said we’d have a low of 51, so I’m expecting it this morning. Like it usually is. Lower temperature in the morning, higher in the afternoon. I even dressed warm to try and see the owls that were hooted all over the neighborhood at 4:30 this morning. (Shoulder hurt all night long and gave up on trying to sleep since I need to be up by 5 for granddaughter.)

But nope. 76 this morning, dropping throughout the day. By 3 pm it will feel like 59 instead of 61 and it will continue to drop. It’s welcome, just unexpected!

Santa Bear with cloak made of antique quilt, mohair beard, sack of toys and recycled rabbit fur on hat.

So I’m off and running! In the muggy heat this morning… Twelve bear orders stacked up all of a sudden. lol It’s time for Christmas.

And I rewrote the beginning of Cougar Halloween Mischief. I couldn’t decide which way to go with the story, and went with what I hope is the most dramatic.

The owls hooting all over the neighborhood this morning, one near me in the trees, cannot see them for the life of me, and way off in the distance, other owls hooting, but I sure wish I could see them. There must have been about four. I love owls and just wish I knew what kind they were.

Granddaughter’s on her way. Have a great day!!!!


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2 thoughts on “Steampunked!

  1. Good morning my friend, Bear Time !
    They are ALL SO BEAUTIFUL.
    Be careful with that arm and pulling weeds,
    38 F. or 4 C feels like -1 C at 6:00 am this morning,
    we are at 40 right now, but with the Red Advisory of Freeze.

    • Your weather is too cold for me!!!! Thanks on the bears! The weather is wet right now. We need it so that’s good.

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