More Proofing

I knew more of this would be coming, but I’ve had such a horrible time at sleeping because my shoulder/arm hurts all night long, that I’m so tired all day I’m not getting half of what I need to get done, done.

I took two Ibuprofen last night to see if that would help, and I think it did some. So maybe I can get back on track with sleep and productivity!

I need to finish up Jade Bear, but I need to find a paisley ribbon if I can and then add the names on the paws.

And I made up another bear for a possible sale, but it was too dark last night when I finished it to take a photo of it, so I will today.

I got You Had Me at Jaguar proofing last night in, so need to do that also. And I wrote 700 words on Cougar. Since yesterday was a baby day, I don’t usually have much time to do anything else but take care of her. And then when she goes home, I’m usually too tired to do a whole lot. lol

I was working on the bear a couple of times while she was here on Wednesday and Friday and I showed her the bear ears and placed them against my head and then on hers. Her newest word is: “Cool.” She loves all the bears sitting around but she’s good about understanding that those are Grandma’s bears, not hers to play with.

It’s cold out! Yay!!! It’s all relative. What’s freezing for us (51 degrees when we’ve been 75 in the mornings) is warm to others. With 98 highs, and then now 70 highs that feel colder by a few degrees is a huge change. But I love it.

Okay, I’m off to do something productive, yet, I want to go back to sleep. If I could.

Have a great one!!!


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