Sometimes Magic Comes in Small Forms

But it works best while wearing Grandma’s glasses.

Eight-thousand words on the novella! Yay. Love to write novellas. They make me feel like I’m really getting something done. A third of the way done!

More weeding. I was pulling out some more of the zinnia and I found a little green frog clinging to one of them, so naturally, I had to grab my camera. I NEVER see frogs. Just toads, so I was thrilled. And I found a bumblebee on the esparanza yellow flowers, so got a couple of shots of him. And a yellow flower that I hadn’t seen before. Bad weed or good flower? I’ll have to upload and share to find out. I also found pine tree saplings and more crepe myrtles growing where they can’t be.

Okay, I’ve got writing, proofing, weeding, and a million chores to do. There’s a sale on some different fur that I want to check out too at Hobby Lobby. And need to make up some more bears.

Have a super fun day! And remember, magic can come in small forms.


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