Doggy Love

“I want to be like him when I grow up,” Tanner says.

I was watching a series about miracles and in one case a cat, which is unusual, warned the family about a gas leak. The couple had had surgery, her foot surgery, him a triple bi-pass and they were sleeping 18 hours a day. The cat was banging at the door to be let out and then finally convinced the woman to follow her where there was a strong odor of gas coming up from the ground. She called the gas company, the guy checks the meter, no problem.

No, wait, check the air where the cat had been digging at the lava rocks, her paws bloodied, and that’s when he found out the danger they were in. They had methane poisoning, and if a spark had gone off, 6-8 houses could have blown up on that one line.

Pets can save lives.

Well, with that note, I’m off to proof some more on You Had Me at Wolf, coming out in February!

Have a super fun day!


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