The Neverending Goals

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Since Grant MacQuarrie is due back to my editor on January 2, that is my first New Year’s goal of the new year.  But I just finished it! So I’m back to working on

And Jaguar Pride, and I just got the audiobook version to proof for In the Dead of the Night, sooooo…. more goals! 🙂



In the Dead of the Night





Allan Thompson works for a special agency that takes down terrorists, but when he’s given the mission to protect one of Thurstan Wilson’s mistresses, he knows something isn’t right. Jenny Brant doesn’t have much time before she’s history and she has a plan, but what happens next turns her whole world inside out.


Allan Thompson arrives in Waco, Texas for a mission of utmost importance–protect a terrorist’s mistress from being the next victim on his hit list. But when the mission goes down wrong, Jenny Brant is nearly killed and Allan begins a new mission–protect her at all costs–as her faux husband until she can regain her memories.Everything about the mission seems wrong–all starting with one Jenny Brant who doesn’t fit the profile of the kind of woman Wilson usually hooks up with. Allan and his team must protect her, but at what cost to his own sanity or his heart?

Jenny Brant begins to regain her memories, but when she learns she has a huge inheritance that Wilson wants by marrying her, and the agent Allan Thompson will marry her instead to secret her money away with the Agency’s protection, she still can’t remember why she would have been a killer’s main squeeze. When Wilson’s thugs try to return her to him, she becomes less sure of who the good guys are and who she truly is.

The only thing she knows for certain–if someone doesn’t take down Wilson, her life is forfeit.








ARe Books



But I’m going to take a break tomorrow and see a movie: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.



Any plans for New Year Eve?



“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

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  1. You know that sometimes you need to take a step back..take a deep breath and slow down a little bit. With all my health issues finally behind ” hopefully” I see that. Your only young once. You work to hard. Your a great author. Your books come to life. . Don’t wear yourself out because we all would truly miss your amazing gift my friend. ” Hugs”

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