Building a Business–1 Book, 1 Bear at a Time!

I’ve written probably 70 books, some not yet published that need a lot of work, 60 published already, and with bears? I have no idea how many I’ve made and sold. 🙂 <3

But this has been going on for YEARS. And years. And years.

Bayleigh Personalized Sweater Bear

Bayleigh Personalized Sweater Bear

When I had been embroidering, which I finally incorporated into my personalized bears, I had been doing needlework for years also.

I have finished maybe 12 bears in the last few weeks, which has only taken me that long because I’m waiting on clan fabric, and taking trips, and the like. And realized I have 17 bears still to do and more orders coming in.

How do I do it? Promote, write, create bears, water, feed the birds, take trips, and much, much more?

I’m goal oriented. I might not be able to plot out my books, total pantser here (as in seat of the pants writer), but yesterday, I had several goals to meet: water plants, feed birds, finish up 1 bear, nearly done with a second, and finishing a third today, because my goal is to get the rest of the contest wins and the three bears out on Friday.  Word goal: Reach 7,000 words on A Silver Wolf Christmas yesterday. The story will have to be revised a lot. I need more….something. But I won’t know what it is until I’m farther along in the story. Today, my goal is to reach at least 10,000. By weeks’ end, another 10,000 so I’ll have 20,000. And that’s how I get so much done.

MacRae Clan Bear

MacRae Clan Bear

So this morning, I’m finishing up one of the bears–normally I don’t do that in the morning. Writing comes first. But, I have one done and need to take a picture now that it’s light out, and want to have the other ready for a picture. I used to send them off and then had no picture to show for the bear. The last one will probably be finished too late tonight and I will need to take a picture of it in the morning, then take them in to ship tomorrow.

I try to group things together so that I’m not doing one thing only–and that helps so I’m not trying to jump from project to project constantly. Even though I have to do that too, because new deadlines pop up and they take priority.

Anyway, so that’s how I do it. 1 Book, 1 Bear and eventually, they look like they are multiplying like Bunnies.

Have a super great TGIF Eve!!!

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