More Buildings in Charlotte, NC & Sunrise and the North Star in Texas

Charlotte, NC 023 (427x640)

Buildings inside buildings, or so it looks.Nascar (640x499)grittyMore reflections of buildings on buildings.
Westin, another view (640x427)

Aren’t they beautiful? Did anyone notice it got to be Wednesday already? How did that happen???

I lost 2,000 words on my mss. And how did that happen? I’ve been having trouble with saving, so I redownloaded my Word. But I thought I had saved Call of the Cougar before I left, it’s supposed to be saving every minute, and I sent the “saved” file to my email before I left, and when I got home, 2,000 words were missing.

All of ch 13.

Spooky music begins here.

Thankfully, I had printed out those pages (so I knew I wasn’t crazy) and had chapter 13, at least in printed form. And there were my 2,000 words.

So not sure what’s going on, but I’m saving as a new title now, to ensure I don’t have a heart attack again. 🙂 <3

Off to work on A Silver Wolf Christmas. Only 16,000 to go on Call of the Cougar, but I’m worried about meeting the deadline on A Silver Wolf Christmas…priorities, priorities!

Came up with the idea for 2 stories to pitch also, but still trying to come up with the 3rd. 🙂

Have a super great Wednesday! It was miraculously cool here this morning and I took a picture of the sunrise in Texas, the North Star and another star below it.

sunrise and the North Star (640x427)

I was just taking out the garbage–mundane life–when I saw this dramatic sunrise, and all of sudden the mundane was no longer the mundane. 🙂

And I was surprised to feel how wonderfully cool it was when we’re going to have 100s all week.

And while I was watering the new shrubs, the birds were gathering all over the  electric lines. Yesterday, I took a video of them as they were so excited to play in the water while I was watering some shrubs around the back patio. It was fun to see them playing when before that, they had vanished.

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