Cairns: Man-Made Stacks of Stones

cairns darkened (640x427)Cairns is Scottish Gaelic in origin. It’s interesting that everywhere I go now, I see stacks of stones like this. These were actually in the Highlands of Scotland.

cairns, bridge brightened vignette buttermilk(640x427)Bridge of stones.

cairn figure sunlight (640x427)A Highlander of stones.

purple flowers ane cairns (800x533)Heather in bloom amidst the stones.

cairns, mist and the loch vignette (800x533)cairns yellow flowers purple heather (800x533)Colorful flowers, cairns, loch, mountains and mist. Scotland the Beautiful. Cairns have actually been around since ancient times.

cairns purple heather (800x533)Okay, I goofed off soooo much yesterday, I didn’t get word count. ugh. So today, I’ve got to make up for it.

Have a wonderful day, and if you have a few rocks lying around your yard, get creative! 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Cairns: Man-Made Stacks of Stones

  1. My Dad would surely have asked why they didn’t clean up and remove those “old rocks”.
    I can just hear him, lol

    • LOL, well, mine would say the same thing, or at least do something useful with them, like make a stone wall. 🙂 I have to say I had so many rocks in my yard in Oklahoma, that I was constantly clearing them. Now I could have had a ton of these! I could imagine what my neighbors would have said! But I think one little stack behind my flowers would be neat. The greatest part? I don’t have to water them!

  2. glorious highlands beauty, thanks terry for your sharing,
    I don’t know your background but you most have “Scott” blood in you,
    you are a Scottish lass in your ♥

    • I do! The MacNeills and Campbells were from there, and the famous Playfair, and the Hawthorn family was from Ireland, but ended up in Scotland too. Then ours all moved to Canada.

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