Early Morning Lights

early-morning-1000iso-900-foutain-lights-005We had really dense fog this morning, but it had burned off quite a bit by the time I got myself out the door. I wanted to see if the fountains were lit up in the early morning, but they aren’t. 🙁

So that means I really will have to do this at night. I tried the other night, but between the mosquitoes and then my battery dying, I couldn’t wait for the lights to come on.

early-morning-lights-1000iso-900-006Light fog and lanterns glowing.

I want to learn how to take low light pictures, and these are turning out nicely. Believe me, when I took interesting shots like this in Scotland and Daytona Beach at night, many were awful. Some turned out. But I’m trying to learn how to ensure MORE turn out and not just at the photo god’s whim. 🙂

early-morning-1000iso-blue-sky-fog-lights-003You can see the foggy trees way in the background. I love fog, unless I have to drive in it. So I was disappointed I hadn’t gotten out earlier to take some pictures of it. But I will persist.

And that’s the key to accomplishment. Never give up! Never surrender!

Have a great day!!!

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2 thoughts on “Early Morning Lights

  1. Very neat morning pictures Terry Spear. You have such a good eye for great pictures. You’ll need to add this to one of your books. Jaguar , Wolves or Cougar’s in the morning fog.

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