Winged Predator of the Night

owl-with-flameWise old owl waiting for a meal on the run at the bewitching hour.

It’s foggy out this morning, but not all that cool, so I imagine the morning is filled with mosquitoes. Which means I took one picture, walked through a spiderweb, have no idea where the spider is, and that was enough for me. 🙂

great-egret-or-great-white-heron-in-ditch-900-006A great egret as the sun was beginning to fade.

great-egret-or-great-white-heron-fall-colors-in-ditch-900-008I thought it was interesting that the fall colors show better in the reflection of the water.

fall-cypress-sunsetting-900-022Cypress trees as the sun was going down, the fall colors more noticeable.

white-dandelion-kind-of-grasses-900-023More interesting wild grasses going to seed.

wild-purple-flowers-900-025Tiny wild purple flowers before sunset.

I was attempting to capture the fountains lit up at night, but the mosquitoes started attacking and then my battery died, so this was the last picture I managed to shoot. I will have to try with the fountains when it ever gets colder! 🙂

Have a great one!

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