One is an Illusion

All birds look the same, right? So I was seeing this one little female baby constantly coming down to get seeds. Until I saw 3 babies and a daddy. I only caught two and the daddy in these shots. The same with a red-bellied woodpecker. I kept seeing this baby come down to eat. Then I saw two of them at the same time and realized there was a family feeding there, not just one.

The flowers are lavender lantana. I had it in a basket and figured the lantana wouldn’t make it during the summer when I was on a trip, so I planted it in the ground. It’s a perennial, so I didn’t want to lose it. It looked HORRIBLE, no flowers, just barely living, and all of a sudden, it is flowering like crazy. Yay! It will get nice and big eventually. Right now it’s small and not that noticeable.

I was excited to see a monarch, or maybe there were several? feeding and laying eggs on the milkweed. They haven’t been here all year, except in the spring, and I saw two caterpillars and then they were gone. I think it was too early for them. Anyway, then I recalled I had them way too late in the year and lost some that way. The milkweed flowers were still blooming, but it was getting cold at night. In any event, I’m thrilled to see they have returned. Which means I have to get my camera ready.

I’m getting closer to my word count on Silver Town Wolf Christmas, just trying to wrap it up!

Have a great day, and remember if you think you’re seeing the same little critter returning over and over, maybe it’s really a whole family of those little critters.


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