Photo Challenge

Still doing the daily photo challenges–The one was using your imagination. I placed two bears, one paddling and one catching fish on a mirror on the grass, catching the reflection of the bears and the blue sky filled with white clouds to simulate water, a picture of a picture I took in Scotland and turned into a canvas, and jaguar hugs.

And I got a little ways on my writing, the 2,000 I needed for yesterday’s word count, but now have to do another promo blog for You Had Me at Jaguar. And she wants me to expand the other promo blog I wrote. Sigh.

I woke, couldn’t sleep, and decided to get up and do this blog, type up my notes that I wrote last night, and then go back to bed. It’s better than just lying there when I feel wide awake.

Yay, I was 3,000 words behind on word count, but just added another 1,000, so 2,000 words behind. 10,000 words into the story, 70,000 to go. Okay, I’m off to bed. It’s only 2 am, so I have enough time to get a little more sleep.

Have a great day as soon as you wake up! Hopefully, the puppies won’t want me to get up before I’m ready.


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2 thoughts on “Photo Challenge

  1. Good day Terry
    I hope you got some sleep and puppies didn’t awoke you.
    Picked up Magic and ordered You had me at Jaguar !
    Shelly my Independent Book seller love your Books Titles.
    Keep warm
    Donna and I will continue in the Frozen Tundra
    White Bear L -4 F feels -13 F Winona – 11 F feels – 24 F Both are under
    Winter Storm – Warning through the weekend, hubby said we may get 10 + inches between the snow and Freezing temps I am going NO WHERE…

    • Oh, thanks so much and enjoy!!!! Brrrrr, I don’t blame you. I would stay home, just get everything you need to get before it hits! A bear is a good thing. 🙂

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