A Series of Coincidences or Something More?

Yesterday morning it was colder than I thought, but not cold enough to wear a full sweater, so I put on one I never wear that has three-quarter length sleeves. It’s a pretty shade of purple, but I have nothing to wear with it so I haven’t worn it for years and years. Usually I’ll put something like that on, take it off and wear something else. But I didn’t. Which isn’t like me at all.

So when I went to the post office, a UPS truck was parked across several parking spaces and I couldn’t get close. It was about to rain and I had a big box to ship for an item I had bought that wouldn’t work, so I parked by a pet supply shop that’s new but I never go into. I go to a family-run one or Walmart for pet supplies because the big store is too expensive.

After I dropped off the box, I headed back to my car, and the thought popped in my mind that the pet store might have a better pooper scooper than I picked up at Walmart. I didn’t find any, but then I saw collars and when I took the dogs in for their shots last week, I realized Max’s collar was way too tiny. He’d had it since he was a puppy. So despite normally picking up a collar at Walmart, that probably would have been less expensive, I found the least expensive one I could at the pet store and took it to the checkout.

The lady at the checkout counter tells me she loves my sweater. I figured she meant the pretty shade of purple. “The dragonflies,” she said.

They’re rhinestone and I hadn’t even noticed them when I put the sweater on. They’re more subdued. Like I said, it had been years since I’d worn it. “Oh, yes, I love dragonflies,” I said. (And purple!)

The woman was about thirty and she said, “My sister just died a couple of days ago.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” The comment was so out of the blue, I was kind of taken aback.

“She loved dragonflies. When my little boy saw a dragonfly yesterday, he said that his aunt was visiting them.”

“Oh.” And then it dawned on me. All the strange coincidences: buying new merchandise that wouldn’t work, deciding to take it back to the store before it poured rain, wearing a sweater I haven’t worn in years and years, being thwarted by the UPS truck so I had to park next to the new pet store I never thought I’d go into. Not finding the item I was thinking about buying there, but remembering another I needed to get, though I normally wouldn’t have bought it there. And then meeting the lady at the checkout counter whose sister had so recently died, who loved dragonflies and her little nephew saying he knew she was sending a message to them that she was with them whenever they saw one .

Rhinestones are actually crystal clear and these are very small.

And here I am with a sweater covered in them. Coincidence? Or was I guided to cheer up the clerk a little, a message to her sister that she was still there for her? The lady said she was telling her son when she got home that a lady wearing a dragonfly sweater came to see her, which would undoubtedly cheer her son too.

Coincidence? Or something more?

Okay, I’ve been bouncing my granddaughter on my knee, trying to write this, now off to feed her breakfast.

You never know when or how you might brighten someone’s day, but what a great way to start a day!

Hope yours is great!


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2 thoughts on “A Series of Coincidences or Something More?

  1. Good day my friend♥
    Have a Great day with Princess Fairy♥
    Maybe all the strange round about way things happened for a Purpose,
    It was your turn to rise the lady in the store”s Spirits
    (as I don’t know your Religious believes, it will be out of character for me to say God, the Lord or the Creator or… guide you )

    • You just never know! 🙂 But I know that by wearing that sweater and all the weird stuff that happened to make me go in there and meet her, I cheered her.

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