If I Were Queen…

I would make sure everyone was able to be tested for Coronavirus. And impose a two-weekend quarantine on everyone who has it. Then and only then can we go back to work!

You know how it’s supposed to go, right? You are in the hospital sick with it–survive–yay! And are self-quarantined. BUT, and this is key, everyone you had close contact with should be also. HOWEVER, the way it works is one is in the hospital, sent home, self-quarantined, and then everyone learns of it–good, BUT then nobody else is required to self-quarantine, get tested, nada, nothing, zilch. Keep working. Not at home. At work! You see how this works, right?

Head Buried in Sand–I don’t hear you

We’re not testing. We don’t want to test–what we don’t know won’t hurt us, right? If we don’t test, we can pretend we look great. We don’t have any issues. We’re safe. We don’t have it. It doesn’t exist here. It never existed here. It doesn’t affect us. Nothing like NYC will happen to us. Nothing like New Orleans–which people from here went there during Mardis Gras, folks, so listen up…will happen to us.

But we didn’t bring it home from there or anywhere else in the world, or anywhere else in the States because we don’t have it. We’re immune. That’s right. Really! Truly! We don’t have it. Seriously. If we don’t test for it, we can all go back to work and play together and not share anything because it doesn’t exist.

Now, see, I write fantasy–contemporary, our world, shifters living in it. I can make up anything I want. The bad guys die. The good guys live. It’s a great world.

But the virus we don’t have can’t kill the characters I love.

The virus we don’t have can kill any age, anybody, good or bad in the REAL world.

I’m sorry to say that what you don’t know CAN kill you.

I applaud those governors that are concerned about the health of their citizens. Three cheers for them. TEST! Then go back to work.

Stay safe!

4 thoughts on “If I Were Queen…

  1. I’m glad our Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is concerned about the citizens here. I agree three cheers for him. He joined the coalition of seven Midwest states. They will decide when it’s safe. With testing and going back to work sometime in May if it’s safe.

  2. Some Doctors across the states are recomending that those that were diagnosed in Mid-November be tested and also to take the blood test for Crona/Covid antibiodes. Scientists are saying that the virus started back in September. I have to go in next week for testing. I have not completely recovered from being so ill in November. Went from sleeping 5-6 hours daily to sleeping 12-14 waking up and later going back to bed and they don’t know why and can’t eat much mostly living on fluids
    Stay healthy all

    • Oh wow, Dee! I hope you learn what it is and if it was that. I hadn’t heard that, but I wouldn’t be surprised!! Big hugs, missy. Stay safe!!

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