My Kids Have Become Instant Birders

Daddy bluebird
Mommy bluebird

Sort of. When a bluebird couple built a nest in the little fox birdhouse, that my daughter got only as a decoration–not even realizing it was actually a birdhouse, they had a fun surprise. Two baby bluebirds that are a real source of entertainment and their 3-year-old is also learning all about them.

Of course when I come over, I have to sit there and take pictures, trying to capture some fun moments.

Okay, I’m off to write. I managed 3,000 words yesterday, think I captured some good pictures of the redheaded woodpecker on the feeder this morning, and weeded, took my walk when no one was out and about, and…Max wants out again.

Sigh. After I take the dogs out again, I’ll get to writing.

Have a super fun and SAFE day!


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