Seduced by the Wolf 10th Anniversary Release Coming Oct 27!

Thanks, Lola, for the adorable picture!

The 10th Anniversary release of Seduced by the wolf has a brand new novella, Hunting the Red Wolf.

Seduced by the Wolf was the first one with Leidolf Wildhaven and Cassie Roux. They’re both red wolves. Leidolf is in the first stories–Heart of the Wolf, dealing with Devlyn, a Colorado wolf who was trying to return Bella Wilder to his home. And Leidolf was interested in the red wolf. Then in Destiny of the Wolf, we learn Leidolf is brother to Lelandi, who mated Darien Silver in Silver Town. Leidolf is trying to chase down werewolf hunters in Legend of the White Wolf in Maine, and helps the clueless newly turned Arctic wolves with their dilemma. And then everyone asked to see his story, so he sees Cassie Roux, a wolf biologist giving a lecture and learns she’s a red wolf–he’s determined to not let this one get away!–And there you have Seduced by the Wolf! 🙂❤ Coming October 27th!

Hunting the Red Wolf is the novella with this one!

An excerpt: “CHAPTER 1

Janice Langtry was searching for herself in a world of shadows and darkness, hearing her heartbeat and another, yet the heartbeat was in sync with hers, as if they were one and the same, and yet…not. Someone was out there with a connection to her. Or was it her, looking for her real self? She didn’t know, felt cut off from the other, cut off from the world. She wasn’t the same as anyone else, stripping off her clothes, feeling the heat invade her body, the wind in her fur, running as a wolf. She longed to howl, to reach out to someone like her, but especially to the one in the shadows—the one with the same heartbeat. The one like her.

Janice woke with a start and glanced at the clock, vaguely recalling her dream. It was always the same— the same one she’d shared with her parents, who had dismissed her silly dreams, and the one she’d shared with a fortune teller once, who had told her she had a twin.”

And here is a book trailer of Joy to the Wolves, the new book about the red wolves also released a couple of weeks ago.

I finally was able to make up some book trailer videos for the new releases and upcoming release of Seduced by the Wolf. Because my computer is working great, yay! And I got my word count in for yesterday and I’m reworking the body-less head that I need to add a body to. I really like the new version of the portrait, but I’m still working on the background (hate the backgrounds in this class), and the hair. And I worked on the 5th photo again. Not sure on that one.

I’m off to get to work!

Have a great day and with the increasing COVID cases, stay safe!


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