Have to Work on My Bodyless Head Again!

Practice Makes Progress. What do I know about anatomy? Remember? Not even able to draw stick figures? Laughing.

These are my 3 Halloween novellas I have out, so I have a video of that. Looks like I need a bear and a wolf one. So next year, it will be a wolf.

Seduced by the Wolf is coming out next week!

So for Halloween with a 3 year old this year, we’re being as safe as we can. We’ll put candy out for the kids going trick-or-treating, but we’re going to decorate rooms for her in her parents’ house, and I’m going to take care of her for a couple of hours while they do that. I told my daughter she has to have her stick her hand in stuff and try to guess what it is. She’s at the age where I hope she has fun with it.

We always have fun, watch a Halloween movie, have mummy dogs or something, and last year was our first year to trick or treat with her. We were all the Baby Shark family. How things change.

I was feeling frustrated with the painting of bodyless women so I went ahead and painted this photo I had taken at the arboretum in Waco, Texas, Photoshop painted the wall and fountain pots and turned it into photo art with texture from Daily Texture.

Okay, I’m off to finish this problem portrait once again and hopefully get it more right this time. It won’t be perfect, but this is my first portrait drawing of so much of the hair and creating a torso, sooooo…..it’s a learning experience.

Then I’m back to Cougar Christmas Calamity. I’m up to 11K. Only 2K behind after all the work on getting Catch the Cougar out. Hope to catch up in the next two days, which means writing 3,000 words a day. I’m in the middle of a blizzard right now–in the story, of course. Texas? Ha! We’re still getting to 88+ degrees. Yesterday, we had a heat index of 91. But I saw where the north is going to be getting bad winter weather.

Have a great day, and remember, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. That’s where I’m at on this photo. lol

Have a great day!!


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2 thoughts on “Have to Work on My Bodyless Head Again!

  1. Terry, I think you’re making fantastic progress on your art! Congratulations on the new releases, too.
    Will your dogs let you dress them up? Little One might enjoy that. Smudge MacRuff won’t wear t-shirts, sweaters, or coats.Oh, well.

    Hope y’all have a fun Halloween!

    • Thanks, Tambra! I dress them up for pictures and they’re really good about it. If I put a costume on one, the other is dying to get the attention, but I don’t leave them in them. I’m sure they would be trying to get out of them. lol I don’t blame Smudge MacRuff! 🙂 Hope you have a fun Halloween too! 🙂

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